Partnership Teacher Orientation

Partnership Teacher Required Professional Development

As part of our ongoing efforts to prepare highly qualified teachers, we require all partnership teachers to complete professional development in cognitive coaching. This model, developed by Bob Garmston and Art Costa, is designed to help individuals become self-directed, capable of making independent decisions and engaging in self-reflection that leads to personal growth. In the partnership teacher-teacher candidate relationship we use cognitive coaching to ensure that partnership teachers and university supervisors are using appropriate coaching strategies to nurture future teachers capable of leading in their own classrooms, schools, and the profession.  All new partnership teachers complete 10 hours of professional development in cognitive coaching. These modules are available online and require a username and password. Once teachers complete the online modules, they become partnership teachers. To maintain active status as a partnership teacher, teachers must also attend at least one face-to-face workshop during each three year partnership renewal cycle (our current cycle runs from 2015-2018). Teachers are also required to attend a full day of professional development (hosted by the Watson College of Education) during each semester that the teacher hosts an intern.

For more information on cognitive coaching, please see the Center for Cognitive Coaching at

For additional readings on cognitive coaching, please visit

2015-16 Partnership Teacher Professional Development Information

Online Cognitive Coaching Modules

Professional Learning Days (8:00 AM-3:00 PM in EB 162)

Partnership Teacher Face-to-Face Workshops (5:00 PM-7:00 PM in EB 162)

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