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What is a Watson Student Leader (WSL)?

A dedicated and enthusiastic individual who is passionate about the teaching profession and has a desire to represent the Watson College of Education through leadership, professionalism, and service of past, present, and future Watson Alumni.

Who is eligible to be a Watson Student Leader?

Undergraduate or graduate students who will be or has been admitted into the Watson College of Education and are in good academic standing can apply to become a WSL.

What do Watson Students Leaders do?

  1. Attend one mandatory meetings each month
  2. Complete point system requirments each semester
    • Fall- 5 hours of recruitment events, 1 social event, 1 outreach event
    • Spring- 5 hours of recruitment events, 1 social event, 1 outreach event

What are the 5 hours of recruitment?

Hours are obtained through participation in event. Here are a few events that will earn you hours:

  • Fall - Watson College Alumni events; Dean events, recruitment events,UNI presentations, etc.
  • Spring - Razor Walker Awards, Watson College Alumni events, Homecoming, Teacher Cadet Conference, recruitment events.

For more information please contact: watsonstudentleaders@uncw.edu



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