2014-2015 Watson Student Leaders

Who are the WSL?

Leadership Council

Tara MetCalfe- Secondary Math- President Shannon Murphy- Elementary Education with minor in Social Studies- Vice President Maggie Lambertson- Special Education- Recruitment Chair
Julia Russell- Elementary Education- Secretary Charlotte Locke- Elementary Education with a minor in ESL and Spanish- Treasurer Jasmine Stephens- Elementary Education- minor PSY- Fundraising Chair
Caroline Demmitt- Education of Young Children- minor PSY- Public Relations Chair Annie Russo- Special Education-minor Applied Behaviroal Analysis- Community Chair Karlie Maxwell- Elementary Education-minor Behavioral Studies


Mary McCachren- Special Education Mari-Kate Newbold- Elementary Education Laura Hanson- Early Childhood Education-Minors in Psychology and French
Cyrus Taylor- Secondary Education -Math Major Holly Pericozzi- Special Education Molly Hostetler- Elementary Education
Erin Davis- Secondary Education- Math Major Bailey Rouse-Special Education with a minor in Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis

Sarah Anderson- Secondary Education- Marine Biology Major-


Maddi Abrams- Early Childhood with a minor in Spanish- Morgan Finch- Elementary Education with a minor in Behavior Studies Corinne Spivey-Adapted Special Education Major with a minor in Criminal Justice
Carly Opel- Secondary Education- Anthropology Major with minor in Leadership Studies Jessica Boyles-Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology Kiersten Lamb-Elementary Ed.
Molly Maginnis- M.A.T. Elementary Education Aimee Trowbridge- Special Education Casey Moore- Elementary Education with minors in Behavioral Studies, Language Arts, and Mathematics


Taylor Secco-Elementary Education with a minor in ESL Cailtyn Daiz- Special Education with minor in Psycology Rebecca Lard- Elementary Education with a minor in Fine Arts
Caroline Kohls-Elementary Education with minor in Behavioral Studies Jack Holt- M.A.T. Middle Grades- Science/Social Studies Kaitlin Murray- Elementary Education
















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