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Getting library help is often your first step in any writing assignment. This set of links will help you get started.

Writing Center

This free, one-on-one tutoring center will help you focus and revise your compositions. Here are some resources.

Writing Center

This free, one-on-one tutoring center will help you focus and revise your compositions. Here are some online handouts to get you started.


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If deadlines make you tear out your hair, here is a nice place to start. Check out the study guides, sample timetables, handouts and links at this Writing Center page.


EiA Showcase

Dec. 2


(L to R) K. Anile, C. John and C. Samat display their Friends of STAN (Stop Titan Action Network) project for the English in Action Showcase in Randall Library.

Two-Course Sequence

The Basic

ENG 101. College Writing and Reading I (3) Prerequisite: Evidence of competence on an English placement test. Introduction to the composing process through practice in analysis and rhetoric as well as narrative and expository forms appropriate to academic writing. Students also conduct research using print and online sources, correctly document sources, and write persuasively.


Continuing On

Krista Henderson stands beside the Everybody's a Critic! poster and explains the class's projects to English in Action Showcase visitors in Randall Library.

ENG 201. College Writing and Reading II (3) Prerequisite: ENG 101 and sophomore standing. College-level writing and reading, including continued practice in the composing process, with emphasis on argumentation and research. Projects will employ a rhetorical approach to identifying, evaluating, analyzing, synthesizing, and documenting information from print and online sources.

If you have any questions about the composition program or our requirements, please contact the Writing Coordinator Jeremy Tirrell at


Composition Teachers

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