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Paula Kamenish

Associate Professor Paula Kamenish
Morton Hall 155


Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill
M.A., UNC-Chapel Hill
B.A., Centre College of Kentucky

Academic Interests

Dr. Kamenish's interests include:

  1. Comparative Literature
  2. Gender Studies
  3. Modernisms and the Avant-Garde


Courses Taught

ENG 110: Introduction to Literature: Latin American Literatures
ENG 226: World Literature Since 1600
ENG 294: Buenos Aires: Capital of Culture (study abroad)
ENG 306: Essay Writing
ENG 340: Multiculturalism and Literature
ENG 370: European Literature Before 1900
ENG 371: European Literature Since 1900
ENG 390: Chinese Fiction and Film
ENG 495: Theater of the Absurd
ENG 495: Banned and Censored Books
ENG 514: European Avant-Garde Theater and Theory
ENG 563: Topics in World Literature: Kafka: Key to the 20th Century

Major Publications

  • Mamas of Dada: Women of the European Avant-Garde. Forthcoming from University of South Carolina Press, April 2015.
  • Zabic, Snezana and Paula Kamenish. “A Survey of Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian Poetry in English Translation in the U.S. and Canada.” CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture 8.3 (September 2006).
  • “It’s Such a Guilty Pleasure.” In Clements, Caroline, ed. Best Practices in University Teaching: Essays by Award-Winning Faculty at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.Wilmington, NC: The Publishing Laboratory, 2006. 86-92.
  • “Staging Crime: From Murder to Fine Art in Genet’s Les Bonnes and Kesselman’s My Sister in This House.” The Comparatist 27 (2003): 117-137.
  • “The Theory of Games and Dramatic Behavior.” Studies in the Humanities 24. 1 & 2 (1997): 85-99.
  • “New Applications of Game Theory: Genet’s Prisoner’s Dilemma.” Cincinnati Romance Review 15 (1996): 184-191.
  • "Naming the Crime: Responses to the Papin Murders by Lacan, Beauvoir, and Flanner." The Comparatist 20 (1996): 93-110.
  • "French and English: 'Yoked by Violence Together'." Studies in Canadian Literature 17.2 (Winter 1992-93): 92-108.
  • "Brecht's Coriolan: The Tragedy of Rome." Communications from the International Brecht Society 20. 1&2 (1991): 53-69.
  • "Ionesco's Own Ubu." Postscript. Spring 1991: 9-16.


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