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Victor Malo

Assistant ProfessorVictor Malo
Undergraduate Coordinator
Morton Hall 153
(910) 962-3597


Ed.D., Florida International University
Ed.S., Florida International University
M.S., Florida International University
B.F.A., University of Miami

Academic Interests

Victor typically teaches courses that are required for English majors in the Teacher Licensure Option. His current research interests include examining the effects of literary instruction on adolescent readers’ attitudes, such as rape myth acceptance and homophobia, examining the effects of culturally relevant language arts pedagogy on student performance, and examining preservice teachers’ attitudes toward using LGBTQ literature.

Courses Taught

ENG 101 College Reading and Writing I
ENG 110 Introduction to Literature
ENG 304 Writing for Teachers
ENG 381 Literature for Young Adults
ENG 383 Classics Reconsidered
ENG 385 Multicultural Young Adult Literature
ENG 555 Politics of English Education
ENG 556 Qualitative Research in English Studies

Recent Publications

  • Malo-Juvera, V. A mixed methods study of pre-service teachers’ attitudes toward LGBTQ themed literature. Study and Scrutiny: Research in Young Adult Literature, Forthcoming.

  • Malo-Juvera, V., & Spears-Bunton, L. October Mourning: A qualitative analysis of high school students’ engagement with poetry and social justice. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, Forthcoming.

  • Powell, R., Cantrell, S., Malo-Juvera, V., & Correll, P. (2014). Operationalizing culturally responsive instruction: Preliminary findings of CRIOP research.Teachers College Record, Forthcoming.

  • Malo-Juvera, V. (2014). Speaking to the classics. SIGNAL Journal, 37, 7 - 11.

  • Malo-Juvera, V. (2014). Speak: The effect of literary instruction on adolescents’ rape myth acceptance. Research in the Teaching of English, 48(4), 404-427.

  • Malo-Juvera, V. (2014). Cultural hegemony and censorship. Journal of Language and Literacy Education. [Online]. Retrieved from

  • Malo-Juvera, V. (2013).Traditional and tragic heroes: Using archetypal analysis to introduce students to critical lenses.SIGNAL Journal, 36(2), 6-11.








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