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All the information you need on Administration, Evaluation, Hiring, Mentoring and Teaching is contained in our departmental policies on our SharePoint site.

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Victor Malo (l) and Michael Mills enjoy the festivities at the English Department reception before the December 2012 graduaton ceremonies. -Photo by Shirley Mathews

Teaching Assistants

English TA Offices
Morton 262


Teaching Assistants  


Amber Hodge - Photo by Rory Laverty

Amber Hodge

MO 262

F 12:00-1:00 & 2:00-3:00





Alexandria Kapczynski - Photo by Rory Laverty

Alexandria Kapczynski

MO 262

M 1:00-3:00


Jack Kelly - Photo by Rory Laverty

Jack Kelly

MO 262

MWF 10:00-11:00



Brittney Knotts - Photo by Rory Laverty

Brittney Knotts

MO 262

W 12:00-2:00


Jenna McCarthy - Photo by Rory Laverty

Jenna McCarthy

MO 262

M 9:00-11:00



Melina Reed - Photo by Rory Laverty

Melina Reed

MO 262

M 10:50-11:50 & T 2:15-3:15







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