Past exams

Here you can find reading lists for the past five years, along with a sample exam from a previous year.

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Reading List

These are the readings for the current exam. Remember that you MUST purchase the precise edition given here. These are the only books you will be allowed to bring with you on the day of the exam.

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Graduate School Forms

Forms for international students, certification, registration and requests for travel and other activities.

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Independent study

The link here will open a pdf form to apply for a Graduate/Independent Study opportunity.

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Graduation Information for graduate students

Find out details of applying to graduate, along with a checklist and dates and deadlines.

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The following are the two forms graduate students should look over if they are looking to be reimbursed for travel.





At the English in Action Showcase, lecturer Michelle Britt (l) discusses with Christopher Johnson, Michael Carollo and Devon Reece how English influences daily life.

Reading List: 2008-09

Reading List for Comprehensive Examination, 2008-09

Theoretical Texts

  1. Bloom, Harold. The Anxiety of Influence: A Theory of Poetry. Oxford UP. ISBN: 0-19-501896-6
  2. Burke, Kenneth. A Rhetoric of Motives. Univ. of California P. ISBN: 0-520-01546-0.
  3. Eagleton, Terry. Literary Theory: An Introduction. Blackwell Pub; 25th Anniversary edition (January 31, 2008) ISBN-10: 140517921X ; ISBN-13: 978-1405179218
  4. Wysocki, Anne Frances, Johndan Johnson-Eiola, Cynthia L. Selfe, and Geoffrey Sirc.  Writing New Media: Theories and Applications for Expanding the Teaching of Composition. Utah State UP. ISBN: 0-87421-575-7

Primary Texts

  1. Auburn, David. Proof: A Play. Faber & Faber. ISBN 0-571-19997-6.
  2. Beowulf: An Illustrated Edition. Trans. Seamus Heany. Norton. ISBN 093330109
  3. Hurston, Zora Neale. Their Eyes Were Watching God. HarperCollins/Perennial.  ISBN 0-06-093141-8
  4. Keats, John. Odes. Selected Poems. Ed. Christopher Ricks. Penguin. ISBN 0140424474
  5. Melville, Herman Billy Budd: A Sailor. University Of Chicago Press (September 1, 2001).  ISBN-10: 0226321320;   ISBN-13: 978-0226321325
  6. Shakespeare, William. The Winter’s Tale. Ed. Dolan. Penguin. 014071488-X
  7. Woolf, Virginia. To the Lighthouse   Harcourt Brace--Harvest Book ed. ISBN:  0156907399
  8. Williams, William Carlos. Selected Poems. New Directions Publishing Corp. ISBN 081120958X

We encourage you to discuss these books with your professors and to organize discussion groups with other M.A. students.

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