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Writing Center

This free, one-on-one tutoring center will help you focus and revise your compositions. Here are some resources.

Writing Center

This free, one-on-one tutoring center will help you focus and revise your compositions. Here are some online handouts to get you started.


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Aja Winstead (r) celebrates with Ray Winstead her induction into the English honor society Sigma Tau Delta.

Certificate in Professional Writing


Skill with written communication is crucial to career advancement in business, technology fields, the sciences, and other professional environments. A graduate in any discipline who is credentialed as a professional writer has greatly increased employability. The Certificate in Professional Writing advances writing skills by providing foundational education in rhetoric, design, and editing, and offering courses in areas including:

  • Business Writing
  • Science Writing
  • Multimedia Writing
  • Journalism
  • Publishing

The certificate’s Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) shape the overall program of study.

The Certificate of Professional Writing is a separate credential that does not replace a student’s major or minor. Any UNCW undergraduate may earn the certificate by completing 21 hours of coursework, including a writing internship (which requires a 3.0 major GPA). The student’s transcript will list the certificate along with other degrees earned.


The Certificate in Professional Writing appears in UNCW's catalog as a certificate degree option. See below for simple steps to register for the certificate.

  1. Login to UNCWSeaPort.
  2. Under the “Student Services” tab, click on “Major declaration/Curricular updates.”
  3. Select “Add new degree.”
  4. Under “Add new degree,” select the following four drop-down options:
    • Valid Catalogs: current semester
    • Valid Colleges: College of Arts & Sciences
    • Valid Degrees: Certificate
    • Valid Majors: Certificate-Prof Writing
  5. Click “Add Degree.”
Registering for the Certificate in Professional Writing


Twenty-one hours are required to earn the certificate. See the printable worksheet for a checklist of requirements.

Mandatory courses (12 hours)

  • ENG 204: Introduction to Professional Writing
  • ENG 309: Technical Editing or ENG 310: Theory and Practice of Editing
  • ENG 314: Writing and Technology or ENG 319: Document Design
  • ENG 498: Internship in Writing (requires a 3.0 major GPA)

Remaining hours (9 hours)

Remaining hours are taken in writing courses, including the following:

  • ENG 202: Introduction to Journalism
  • ENG 302: Journalism Workshop
  • ENG 303: Reading and Writing Arguments
  • ENG 304: Writing for Teachers
  • ENG 305: Professional Review Writing
  • ENG 306: Essay Writing
  • ENG 307: Advanced Composition Studies
  • ENG 309: Technical Editing
  • ENG 310: Theory and Practice of Editing
  • ENG 311: Professional Magazine Writing
  • ENG 312: Writing for Business
  • ENG 313: Writing for the Sciences
  • ENG 314: Writing and Technology
  • ENG 315: Topics in Writing and Rhetoric
  • ENG 316: Analyzing Style
  • ENG 317: Writing About Film
  • ENG 318: Writing and Activism
  • ENG 319: Document Design
  • ENG 388: Rhetorical Theory to 1900
  • ENG 389: Rhetorical Theory Since 1900
  • ENG 496: Senior Seminar in Writing and Rhetoric
  • Approved writing courses in other departments also may be counted toward the 21 hours.


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