Applied Service Learning

Greetings! If you elect to do Applied Service Learning (1 credit), the  procedure is different than for Practicums, so please make sure that you have completed the ASL application and selected a location (or more than one). Please review the list of Pre-Approved Sites

You may email or drop off  the application to us with your choices at the EVS front office.

Once you have made a selection, please contact the agency(ies) directly to determine if you can volunteer for the semester you want. We will also send your application. When you have agreed upon a site for the 40 required hours, please advise me by email so we can open enrollment for you.

As a reminder, you must satisfactorily complete 40 hours of work at the site you have selected. Please confirm your selection by return email. In addition, a paper will be required. 

There is a required timesheet. Please have it signed by a qualified person each time you volunteer—or at least the next time if someone is unavailable at any session. You must turn the original of this sheet in by the time specified by the ASL coordinator unless prior arrangements are made.

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