Environmental Studies


Dr. Jeffery M. Hill, Professor
Department Chair
(910) 962-3264 | hillj@uncw.edu

Dr. Jack C. Hall, Professor
Assistant Chair
(910) 962-3488 | hallj@uncw.edu

Dr. Devon Eulie, Assistant Professor
Coastal Process and Policy
(910) 962-3230 | eulied@uncw.edu

Dr. Paul Hearty, Associate Professor
heartyp@uncw.edu | Vitae

Ms. Amy Long, Lecturer
Environmental Conservation
(910) 962-3301| longa@uncw.edu

Dr. James Rotenberg, Associate Professor
Graduate Coordinator
Tropical Ecology
(910) 962-7549 | rotenbergj@uncw.edu

Dr. Anthony Snider, Associate Professor
Internship Coordinator
Natural Resource Management
(910) 962-2423 | snidera@uncw.edu

Dr. Rachael Urbanek, Assistant Professor
Wildlife Ecology
(910) 962-7909 | urbanekr@uncw.edu


Angie Edwards
Administrative Associate
(910) 962-7675 | edwardsa@uncw.edu

Part-time Faculty

Joni Backstrom, Lecturer
(910) 962-3140 | backstromj@uncw.edu

Stan Harts, Lecturer
Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Roger Shew, Lecturer
Geography & Geology Department

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Robert Buerger, Professor Emeritus
Dr. John Taggart, Associate Professor Emeritus

Adjunt Faculty

Jacob Marlin
Director of the Belize Foundation for Research & Environmental Education

Linda & Kevan Sunderland
Foremost Shell Collectors in N. America

Policies and Procedures Manual 2011 (PDF)
Department Organizational Chart (PDF)