Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Environmental Studies: A minor in environmental studies requires a total of 24 credit hours with a minimum overall quality point average of "C" (2.00) in courses counted toward the minor.

A maximum of 12 credit hours counted toward a student's major will be counted toward completion of core and/or elective minor requirements in environmental studies.

Students selecting the environmental studies minor are strongly encouraged to meet with an environmental studies coordinator to determine a specific course of study.

Core Requirements (12 hours): EVS 195 (3 hours) and EVSL 195 (1hour); and 8 additional hours from BIO 366, BIOL 366; CHM 377, CHML 377; EVS 325 (ECN 325), 330 (ECN 330), 360, 361, 362, 364.

Elective Requirements (12 hours): Students may select any EVS numbered course not used in the core requirements. A minimum of 9 hours must be at the 300-400 level.