Environmental Studies

Three-Plus-Two Program

The Three-Plus-Two Program in Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering

Dr. A. Reamer, Dr. J. Hall, Advisors

The Three-Plus-Two Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering Program is a cooperative agreement between the University of North Carolina Wilmington Department of Environmental Studies and the North Carolina State University Environmental Engineering Program. The program gives students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and a Bachelor of Sciene degree in environmental engineering from North Carolina State University. Students will complete courses listed below to meet the requirements at UNCW. This course of study can be completed in three years. If the students meets the transfer admission requirement for NCSU listed below, the student is accepted into the Environmental Engineering Program. This program can be complete in two years. UNCW has agreed to accept credits from NCSU to complete the degree requirement at UNCW and NCSU has agreed to accept credits from UNCW to complete degree requirements at NCSU. Thus, the student receives a degree from UNCW and a degree from NCSU.

To complete the Three-Plus-Two Program, a student must complete the following courses at UNCW:

  • All current basic studies requirements.
  • Environmental Science Computer Competency Requirement: CSC 105.
  • Environmental Science Oral Competency Requirement: EVS 495.
  • Environmental Studies Applied Learning Requirement: minimum 1 hour.
  • Environmental Science General Core Requirements: BIO 201; CHM 101; CSC 105; EVS 195 and EVSL 195; MAT 111; STT 215; GGY 130 or EVS 120 (GLY 120) and EVSL 120 (GLYL 120).
  • Environmental Science for the B.S. Degree Physical Science Core: CHM 102; GLY 220; MAT 161, 162; PHY 201, 202.
  • Environmental Science Physical Science Elective Curriculum: must include CHM 211, CHML 211; EVS 325 (ECN 325) and 11 hours of additional physical science electives at the 300-400 level.
  • In addition to these courses, students must also complete MAT 261.

A student must complete this course of study with an overall GPA of at least 300 and have at least a 2.50 GPA in the last two calculus courses (MAT 162 and 261) to meet NCSU's transfer admission requirements. Students in this program will be advised jointly by the chair of the Department of Environmental Studies and the director of the Engineering Program at UNCW to assure completion of the correct requirements for both programs.