Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting
May 06, 2014
2:00 pm 4:00 pm. DeLoach 212
Meeting 2014-04

1.      Call to order.

2.      [Motion 2014-04-M05]  (Continuation of 2014-02-M05) Revisions as proposed by the ad-hoc RTP committee: 2013_Faculty_Handbook_Rev_03_18_14_senate_v4.1

   Ch. IV. H (Rest of section on Evaluation of Faculty) Referred back to Steering

   Ch. IV. A (Policies on Academic Freedom & Tenure). Done. Sent to AA.

   Ch. IV.B Done

   Ch. IV.C -- Done

   Ch. IV. D

o   D.2 (Criteria)

                                                                                                        i.            D.2.a.- Recommendation 3, 39: Evaluation areas - Approved

                                                                                                      ii.            D2.a  Recommendation 10: What if fewer than 3 senior faculty  (page 79) -- Approved

                                                                                                    iii.            D.2.b (Evaluation Areas Recommendations 3, 17, 18: Integrate PD into the three evaluation areas  (page 79, 81) --Approved

                                                                                                    iv.            D.2.c (Mentoring  Faculty Recommendation 36)
Start Here

                                                                                                      v.            D.2.d (Length of service Recommendations 18)

                                                                                                    vi.            D.2 Entire section

o   D.3 (Additional Guidelines Recommendation 15)

o   D.4 (RTP Process)

                                                                                                        i.            D.4.a (Election of CRTP Recommendation 29)

                                                                                                      ii.            D.4.c (External Reviews Recommendations 20, 21, 22.)

                                                                                                    iii.            D.4.d (Process for RTP App Recommendations 1,6,9,11-13

o   D.5 (Applications for RTP)

                                                                                                        i.            D.5.b.i (Content. Prescribed Format Recommendation 19, 1, 14, 38)

                                                                                                      ii.            D.5.b.ii (Instructions to Administrator Recommendation 5, 31,37, 12)

   Ch. IV, H. Evaluation of Faculty

o   H.2.a (Description Recommendation 4)

o   H.2.c (Peer Evaluations Recommendation 16, 39, 33)

o   H.4.b  (Suggested wording)

o   H.5 (PTR Leave alone appoint ad-hoc)

3.      Old Business

4.      New Business

5.      Documents

   Ad hoc RTP committee documents

   RTP Forum

6.      Announcements

7.      Adjournment