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I am currently at another university and considering transferring to UNCW. How will my credits transfer? The Registrar’s office will look at your transcript when you apply to UNCW and will determine which credits will transfer. You can reach the Registrar's office at (910) 962-3125 or

I am an international student. How do I go about applying to UNCW/Film Studies? Please visit UNCW's Office of International Programs at http://www.uncw/edu/international for more information about studying abroad at UNCW. If you are admitted to UNCW, we will arrange for you to take classes in Film Studies based on your transcript from your home university.

Do you have any examples of what Film Studies alumni are doing? Please see the Alumni News section of our website:

What kind of computers/software does Film Studies recommend? Film Studies majors are not required to purchase computers or software. The Film Studies Department uses Apple computers and software for digital editing. The department provides an Apple computer editing lab accessible at all times to students for editing assigned projects. Students interested in purchasing specialized computer equipment should not do so before gaining admission to the major and determining a course of study.

For Film Studies majors who wish to have their own editing system, Apple recommends either a Macbook Pro or an iMac computer with a minimum of 4GB memory to run the Final Cut Studio 7 editing software the department currently uses. (Before purchasing any software, please check with the department to determine the version currently in use). 68 GB of system drive space is required to install the complete software suite. The department does not recommend Final Cut Express. An external firewire hard drive is required for some production and post-production courses. An external drive enables students to easily transfer projects between their system and the edit lab/classroom.

The Microsoft Office software suite includes Microsoft Entourage, an email program that works seamlessly with the UNCW email exchange server. Indeed, although the campus is PC-based, the Macintosh system works well with all campus systems, and we have encountered no serious compatibility problems. Microsoft Office also includes MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


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