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Andre Silva, assistant professor
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Andre Silva's filmmaking interests include experimental animation with an emphasis on the intersection of high camp, the absurd and the esoteric.

He received his BS in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin and his MFA in Film & Video Production at the University of Iowa.

Andre's teaching experience includes 2D digital animation, alternative forms of filmmaking (including cameraless filmmaking, hand-processing and found-footage/collage), 16mm & super-8 filmmaking, traditional stop-motion animation, film festival management, video production and video editing.

His short films have screened at several festivals internationally and have won awards at festivals such as the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Black Maria Film Festival, Humboldt International Short Film Festival, and Atlanta Underground Film Festival.

Andre's community work include has included co-founding Iowa City Microcinema, an organization dedicated to bringing visiting filmmakers and free filmmaking workshops to the Eastern Iowa public. He also served as Technical Director for Austin Cinemaker Coop, a film organization dedicated to keeping Super 8 filmmaking alive.



It’s a Girl Thing (2012) experimental documentary 59 min., digital video.

Using expert interviews, historical research, animated reenactments and found footage, this feature length documentary looks closely, and critically, at the tween markets evolution and the role of Dualstar (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's company) in the markets explosion. Interviews with Jean Kilbourne, Gail Dines, Sharon Lamb, Terrill Bravender, Lisa Machoian, Diane Levin, Susan Linn, plus various mothers, teachers, tweens.

Ichthyopolis (2008) experimental animation 10 min., digital video.

Ichthyopolis is a short psychedelic technomation which delves into a mythical cosmology of fish and their human caretakers. Somewhere between the occult and the absurd lies Ichthyopolis; a universe consisting of two complementary worlds that can’t help but eventually merge.

The One and the Many (2006) experimental 4min., digital video.

Several actors mimic split-second fragments of a pre-recorded monologue based on 17th century philosopher Gottfried Leibniz’s ponderings. The film juxtaposes the collective recreation of the monologue with the spontaneous gestures of actors who dutifully struggle with this very foreign exercise.

spam letter + google image search = video entertainment (2005), experimental 3 min., downloaded.

Spam letter . . . explores the relationships between language, image and technology in the 21st century. Using an incarnation of one of the many ubiquitous Nigerian bank scam solicitation letters, each word of the letter is matched with one of countless available online images that have been linked, in some way, to that word. A text-to-voice-program narrates the letter.

Beelzebub’s Bathtub (2001), animated 17 min. 16mm.

Momma Ducky and her baby bars of soap swim serenely within the confines of a porcelain claw foot bathtub until an angry Momma Hair Clod and her baby set off a series of unusual catastrophes.



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