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Nandana Bose has been published in Cinema Journal, The Velvet Light Trap, Studies in South Asian Film and Media and Feminist Media Studies and has co-edited a special issue of Scope: An Online Journal of Film Studies. She teaches courses on Bollywood cinema, world cinema and South Asian diasporic cinema, and her research and teaching interests include Indian cinema, censorship and star studies. She received her Ph.D. in Film Studies from University of Nottingham, England, holds two Master’s degrees from England and India, and is a former British Chevening scholar at the University of Leeds.She is currently working on two book chapters (Palgrave Macmillan) on censorship and Bollywood stardom. She is the director of MANTRA: the Bollywood Film Series which is programmed and hosted by her students in Introduction to Bollywood cinema.

Forthcoming Publication:


Bose, Nandana. Madhuri Dixit, British Film Institute (BFI) Film Stars series. Eds. Martin Shingler and Susan Smith. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan, 2015. Print. (Advance contract)


Chapters in Refereed Books:

Bose, Nandana. “From Superman to Shahenshah: Stardom and the Transnational Corporeality of Hrithik Roshan.” Figurations in Indian Film. Eds. Meheli Sen and Anustup Basu. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan, 2013. 194-212. Print.

Figurations in Indian Film Figurations in Indian Film

Bose, Nandana. “‘We do not certify backwards’: Film Censorship in Post-Colonial India.” Silencing Cinema: Film Censorship around the World. Eds. Daniel Biltereyst and Roel Vande Winkel. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan, 2013. 191-206. Print

Refereed Journal Articles:

"'Bollywood's Fourth Khan': Deconstructing the 'Hatke' Stardom of Vidya Balan in Popular Hindi Cinema," Celebrity Studies, 2014. Available at:

“The CBFC Correspondence Files (1992-2002): A Discursive Rhetoric of Moral Panic, Public Protest and Political Pressure," Cinema Journal Issue 43, No. 3 (Spring), 2010, 67-87.

“The Hindu Right and the Politics of Censorship: Three Case Studies of Policing Hindi Cinema (1992-2002),” The Velvet Light Trap: A Critical Journal of Film and Television, Issue 63 “Censorship and Regulation,” 2009.

“Between the Godfather and the Mafia: Situating Right-Wing Interventions in the Bombay Film Industry (1992-2002),” Studies in South Asian Film and Media, inaugural issue, February 2009.

“Big Brother’s Frankenstein: The Media Construction of Jade Goody as an ‘Abject’ Other,” Feminist Media Studies, Vol. 7 No. 4 (2007), 463-467. [Reprint Forthcoming in Popular Culture, edited by Michael Pickering, SAGE Benchmarks in Culture & Society series, (SAGE Publications: London), June 2010].

Dahan as an Exploration of Sexual Politics,” Journal of Moving Image (Jadavpur University: Calcutta), No. 1, Autumn (1999).

Refereed Electronic Book:

Using Moving Image Archives
, a Scope: An Online Journal of Film Studies e-Book, Co-editor with Lee Grieveson, Issue 17, June 2010. ISBN number: 978-0-9564641-1-8 Link here:

Book Cover Moving Image Archives







Book and Film Reviews

Mourning the Nation by Bhaskar Sarkar, Film International, Issue 8, No. 3, 2010.

"The Darjeeling Limited: Critiquing Orientalism on the Train to Nowhere,” Mediascape: UCLA’s Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, Spring (2008).

Conference Report

“Media Comes To Miri,” Media and Identity in Asia, Curtin University of Technology, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, 15 – 16 February 2006, Scope: An Online Journal of Film Studies, Issue 5, June (2006).






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