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Students in the UNCW department of Film Studies make over 500 motion picture projects and exercises every year. Courses cover narrative, documentary, experimental, and animation modes, and most every aspect of the creative and technical process, from screenwriting to producing to directing to cinematography to sound to editing. Film Studies students also write and edit an internationally distributed cinema journal and program and present an annual film festival and conference.

An introduction to Film Matters, a magazine celebrating the work of undergraduate film scholars. Film Studies students serve as the editorial board, and contribute articles, reviews, and interviews. Shot and edited by Adam Getz.

Selected moments from movies made by Film Studies students during the 2014-15 academic year. Edited by Adam Getz.

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A montage featuring the student films from around the country and globe screened at the 2015 Visions Film Festival and Conference, an annual event programmed, marketed, produced, and presented by UNCW Film Studies students.

Every student in FST334: 6x1 - VARIATIONS ON THE ONE MINUTE FILM makes six short movies using a variety of alternative/experimental filmmaking approaches. Here are three samples from last semester's class.

Still was produced in the Senior Production Seminar. The film played in the RiverRun Film Festival and the Cucalorus Film Festival, among others. Still was directed by Lance Johnson and shot by Kenny Martell. Morgan Lear co-wrote the script with Kenny; Morgan, Lance, and Kenny collaborated on the edit.

Another Man's Treasure is a documentary directed by Maryosha Eggleston in FST495 Senior Production Seminar. Maryosha edited the documentary in FST497 Applied Post-Production with Bethany Day. Maryosha now works in documentary production in Austin, Texas.

Bottled Up was shot in the Senior Production Seminar, and edited in the Applied Post Production class. The film, which played in a number of film festivals, including the Portobello Film Festival in London, was written and directed by Josh Powell.

A trailer for Twice As Bright, a student film that Leo Hageman wrote, directed, and edited as a Film Studies departmental Honors project. Leo's film was a regional finalist in the Student Academy Award competition.

A montage featuring selected moments from movies made by Film Studies students during the 2013-14 academic year. Edited by Adam Getz.

A montage featuring selected moments from movies made by Film Studies students during the 2012-13 academic year. Edited by Devin Williamson.

A montage featuring selected moments from movies made by Film Studies students prior to 2012.

A sampler of experimental film projects created by UNCW Film Studies students. Edited by Devin Williamson. Narration by Film Studies assistant professor Andre Silva coming soon.

A montage of narrative student films completed in UNCW Film Studies honors and senior seminar production classes. Narrated by department chair, Dave Monahan. Edited by Adam Getz.

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