How to reserve equipment (How to get to the reservation calendars)

How to get to the FLRC reservations:

1) Login to your UNCW e-mail. Be sure to use Internet Explore to view folders.

Picture of email log in

2) In the bottom section of the left column, there's a bunch of options (Inbox, Calendar, etc.), click on "Public Folders".  A list of all of the public folders should show up in a new window.

 picture of public folders icon

3) Scroll down to "Foreign Languages", and click on the little 'plus' icon (or small triangle) beside the folder to display "FLL Equipment" and "Foreign Language Resource Center". (If you click on the folder icon by mistake, it will say "there are no items to show in this view.)

 picture of outlook folders

4) For example, if you want to see the availability of the FLRC room, click on "Foreign Language Resource Center" to display the room reservations for today.  Anyone that has the room reserved should show up.

picture of outlook folders

5) You can also click on "FLL Equipment (all equipment from the FLRC should be reserved here)" and "Smart Cart" to see if anyone has those items reserved for a given day.

image of reservation folder in outlook

6) You can check other days via the calendar on the right side of the screen, just click on the day you want to check.

image of outlook folders

Other tips: You can add these calendars under “Favorite” folder, which is right above “All Public Folders.”   If you do this, you do not have to scroll down all the way to Foreign Language and Literature folders. 

Go to the calendars under the Foreign Languages and Literature folder and to the right click a calendar, which you want to add to Favorite folder, select “Add to favorites.” That will put the selected calendar in the Favorites Folder. You can view it more easily now by clicking on the calendar icon at the bottom left of the screen.

How to make reservation:

1) Read above and understand how to get to the folders:

For example, if you want to reserve the FLRC room, click on "Foreign Language Resource Center"  to display the calendar to reserve the for any given day. Anyone that has the room reserved should show up if it is reserved. If it is blank, chose the time slot you want to reserve, and right click or click on “New” on the top bar, and then chose “(New) Appointment”

Type the necessary information. Save and close.  Your reservation should be shown in the calendar.

How to reserve equipment for extended period of time:

Go to the Public Folder/Foreign Language/FLL equipment (See above for more details). 

FLL equipment calendar takes multiple entries. Look at Aug. 30 th Equipment reservation.  I created a sample (see below).


If you need to reserve it all day on a certain day,  choose “all day event.”  It is in the center of the popped up window.


Just create “New appointment” and keep typing away.  If you need to reserve equipment for a week, for example, use “Recurrence…” from the top bar menu of the popped up window.  Another window will pop up and let you choose up to two weeks of reserving duration, or every Tuesday reservation, etc.    


Do not forget to click on Save and Close when you are done.

If this is confusing, let me (Yoko Kano) know.  I am glad to show it to you.   Thank you for your cooperation.



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