Making back-ups of VHS and DVD

Here are the summary of each Carts in the FLRC.  After reserving it by Mail under “FLL equipment,” you can take it to your office or use in the lab.

Cart # 1  This cart is for:
Copying United States VHS to United States region DVD and
Viewing of  United States region DVD

Cart #2   This cart is for:
Dubbing US region VHS tapes to US region VHS tapes and
Viewing of any region DVDs (the DVD player is region free).

Set the TV to Channel 4 to view Dubbing machine.
Set the TV to Input (press Input on the Sharp TV remote control) to view the DVD player.

Cart # 3  Note:  This cart is under construction now.  Sorry.
This cart is for: Converting European VHS and DVD to US region and Copying United States VHS to United States region DVD.

Simple Instruction on how to copy VHS to DVD using Samsung DVD-VCR combo unit is available in the Sammy folder.   Find the document called "DVD_from_VHS_Samsung.htm"  in the following sammy location.

\\sammy\Departments\Foreign Language\FLRC

Making region free DVD’s

Available on both F1 and F2 computers.

Necessary items: DVD Shrink software (available in the Sammy folder   \\sammy\Departments\Foreign Language\FLRC), DVD burner , and Nero DVD burning software.  (available in the boxes containing the external DVD burners in the FLRC white cabinet.  Our secretaries have keys to open the cabinet).

  1. Right click on desktop and make a new folder and re-name the folder as you wish.  (This step will be eliminated if you use this often.  Computer will automatically does it for you.)
  2. Open DVD Shrink and click on “open disc” to locate the original movie (D drive in the F2 computer). You will see the files in the DVD shrink window with “main movie” highlighted.
  3. Click on “back up” on the top menu of the DVD shrink.  You will see a new window and specify the second one (the first  one is the drive you have the original DVD) to save it to the previously made folder on the desktop (the instruction 1 above).  Click O.K. (This takes up to 25 minutes).
  4. You will see a new window with a movie fast forwarded.  It is playing the movie and shrinking the size (encoding).
  5. When it finished encoding it says “Please insert an empty disc to write” in the window.  So insert an empty disc. It will automatically start burning.  Once it is done, please delete all files saved on desktop to avoid accumulation of excess material on the computer.  If you use an external DVD burner (check it out from the FLRC), you can eliminate this step and it will go straight to burning from encoding. 

        If the number 5 above does not appear (if it does not start burning
        automatically), do the following:

6. Open the folder, which you created in the instruction#1 above, on desktop.  You will see two folders (Audio folder and Video folder.)  For some reason you see nothing in Audio files.  Make sure the video folder has files in it. Open Nero StartSmart.  Under Photo and Video (Foto y video) click on burn DVD-video files (Grabar arch video DVD). 

7. Add files (Video folder—make sure to highlight all files in the Video folder). (Do not burn the folders.  Highlight all the files in the Video folder and burn them only).  The current recorder for the F2 computer is D: Philips DVD+RW DVD 8801 [DVD]. 

8. Rename your disc.  Hit burn in the bottom right corner and it should work.  This portion should take approximately 15 minutes. 

NOTE:  If you do not see a blinking light indicating the DVD is burning you may have a bad disc.  Try another blank DVD.  This should fix the problem.

9. Once you have verified your DVD is good (play it using Power DVD in the F2 computer) , please delete all files saved on desktop to avoid accumulation of excess material on the computer.


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