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Pi Delta Phi Constitution Application

Pi Delta Phi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is represented at public and private colleges and universities throughout the US, as well as chapters in Paris and Aix-en-Provence. UNCW’s chapter, Nu Kappa, was established in 2003, and is the 321st chapter of the Society.

Pi Delta Phi recognizes students' outstanding achievement in French language and the literatures of the French-speaking world. The Society's motto—Probaínomen Diakritoi Philogálatoi—means Avançons, amis fidèles de la culture française (Forward, faithful friends of French culture). Students at UNCW who meet the Society's membership requirements are invited to join. Members of Pi Delta Phi are eligible to apply for one of the Society's generous scholarships for summer study abroad. Consult the National Pi Delta Phi website for more information: www.pideltaphi.org. For questions about the Nu Kappa chapter, contact the Faculty Advisor, Eric Tessier.

Nu Kappa Member List

Dr. Greta Bliss, Sarah Hildreth, Carlos Medina, Amber Nicole Morris, Andrew Steven Pierce

Skylar Freeze, Erin Gallagher, Sophia Gray, Reem Hakeem, Katlyn Kenned, Danielle Lovejoy, Alexi Marti, Jennifer “Lauren” Pegram, Ryan Qualliotine, Jordan Russo, Emily Shawcross, Jon Tompkins

Sarah Deming, Kylie Koch, Morgan Lang, Rachel Moody, Brian Proulx, Logan Reisenbigler, Kirstyn Schaefer, Alexa Tahan, Berney Wren.
Honorary: Dr. Amy Kirschke and Dr. Viebeke Olson

Alyssa Bulpett, Joseph Chambers, Amy Choi, Brendan Coffey, Heather Cornman, Kemp Holler, David Wimberley Howell, Helen Landon, Courtney A. Kimbrough, Elena Kon, Alison Goldstein, Michelle Montpetit, Danielle Rode, Eduardo Sanchez.

Kristin Black, Anne Chickering, Mallory Crumpler, Alyse Kaszubski, Jillian McCarthy, Alexander William Moore, Evan Raynolds, Kasey Richardson, Megan Sage, Emily Smith, Davis Ann Talton, Ryan Trimble, Catherine Wilson.
Honorary: Dr. Raymond Burt, Ms. Caroline Hudson, and Dr. Joan Willey

Chris Krause, Emma Meyer, Alexis Hall, Arielle Hubbard, Sarah Price Slaughter, Belinda Staten, Lethia Williams.

Lauren McAskill and Brittany Milam

Lauren Apple, Georgiana Burton, Elizabeth Dawsey, Robert Ferencak, Abby Michenfelder, Elana Nunez, Rachel Ripley-Moffitt, Crystal Styles, Elizabeth Wilson.

Joy Andrews, Lindsey Ammons, Caroline Brock, April Brohawn, Jade Clark, Heather Curtis, Anis Hage, Amanda Hannon, Ralph Harris, Julian House, Brooks Lancaster, Emily Lepolt, Jennifer Litchfield, Page Lowry, Wayne Montoya, Madhvi Patel, Michaela Michaela Vezenkova, Amber Wenderlich.
Honorary: Ms. Inge Stites

Fallon Batchelor, Sarah Clayton, Jessica Coleman, Natalie Decleve, Ceri-Louise Frid, Hope Fulton, Jenna Gasper, Debra Garretson, Amber Harrison, Jaimis Huff, Rosemary Lloyd, Daniela Lucaciu, Kelly O'Connor, Doris Benson Ring, Caroline Roberts, Emily Strittmater, Elizabeth Wellons, Katie White, Nicole Zane.
Honorary: Dr. Michael Seidman and Mr. Eric Tessier

Cindy Brewer, Samantha Lesch, Kyle Norwood, Elizabeth Sutherlin, Sandy Tatum.

Michele Bone, Lauren Brown, Amber Creech.
Honorary: Dr. Pascale Barthe, Dr. Scott Juall, Dr. P.J. Lapaire, Dr.  James McNab, Dr. Michelle Scatton-Tessier. Dr. Teri Hernandez (inducted into Nu Kappa Chapter)

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