Japanese lanterns

Welcome to Japanese Studies!

Our program emphasizes authentic learning experiences. After completing the beginner’s levels (JPN 101 and JPN 102), students will gain survival skills for a short trip to Japan (greetings, shopping, ordering at restaurants, and talking about schedule, reading menu and writing simple notes by mastering Hiragana, Katakana and basic Kanji).

The intermediate levels (JPN201 and JPN202) will help students to be a life-long learner of Japanese, using a variety of on-line resources and studying structures to talk about their desires, experiences, annual and seasonal activities, conditions, and comparisons.

The Intermediate level students will have opportunities to interact with Japanese peers on campus and at our partner universities via course web site and other videoconference on-line media for cultural and learning exchanges.

In addition to the virtual encounter to Japan via courses, there are summer, single-semester, and full-year study abroad programs in Japan through OIP arranged programs to further develop the Japanese language skills.

Although, Japanese minor and majors are not available, the Beginners and Intermediate levels of courses of Japanese language are a core and electives of the Asian Studies Minor at UNCW.

Genuine beginners should enroll in JPN101. Anyone with prior Japanese language knowledge will be required to take a placement test for an instructor to determine the placement of the course to begin at UNCW. Please contact the instructor for an appointment.

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