Vivian Ferreyra

Description: Vivian Ferreyra    Lecturer of Spanish
    Office: Leutze Hall 208
    Telephone:(910) 962-2992
    Fax:(910) 962-7712
    E-mail: ferreyrav

    B.A., M.A. Universidad Nacional de
    Salta, Argentina
   M.A. University of North Carolina

Vivian Graciela Ferreyra was born and raised in Argentina. She has been teaching lower division Spanish courses from her graduation in 2009. She also teaches hybrid Spanish classes in CFCC. Vivian is a member of the St. Mary’s Latino Choir where she sings and plays guitar. Her passion for teaching and music has leaded her to start creating songs in Spanish (lyrics and music) that she will be using shortly to teach grammar in class. This summer, Vivian will be working with musician Christopher Dayett to make the musical arrangement of her work. In addition, she has already translated from English to Spanish some of his religious songs.


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