Housing Quick Facts

  • Over 120 men and women are currently living in Fraternity and Sorority Housing

  • All 9 of our Panhellenic sororities have suites on campus with 2 chapters occupying 2 suites

  • Currently, 1 fraternity is living in the University Apartments

Housing and Residence Life Contact Info

Housing and Residence Life
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC  28403-5959



Fraternity and Sorority Housing

Fraternity and Sorority Housing is currently in its seventh year of existence at UNCW and it continues to be a growing and thriving community. The University Suites and University Apartments act as an excellent choice for our organization's on-campus housing needs and have become a core component of the programming aspect for the organizations that participate in the program.

Sorority Housing

Our Sorority Housing is located in the University Suites and currently all 8 panhellenic organizations have housing. Currently 7 of our chapters have members living in one 10 person suites and 2 chapters have women living in two 10 person suites.

Chapters with 1 Suite Chapters with 2 Suites

Alpha Delta Pi

Chi Omega Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Gamma Delta

Phi Mu Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Phi

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Delta Zeta    

Fraternity Housing

Our Fraternity Housing is located in the University Apartments and currently 1 IFC fraternity will be occupying an apartment this year.

Chapters Living in the University Apartments

Kappa Sigma


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