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Student playing pool
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Play all you want for Only $25 per semester.

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If you expect to play more than 7 hours a semester, you'll save money by purchasing a membership!


Non-Member Rates: $0.95 for 15 minutes, $1.90 for 30 minutes and $3.80 for a full hour. Rates are per person and proportional, based on how long you play.


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Gaming Fun

X-BOX 360     


Table Games
Halo 3, OTSD, and Reach Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Billiards (4)

Mafia II

Super Mario Bros. Table Tennis (1)
Banjo Kazzoie Mario Kart  
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Mario Party 8  
Madden XX 2009 Super Mario Galaxy 2  
FIFA Soccer 10  Super Smash Brothers Brawl  
NCAA Football   Tatsunoko  
Sega Superstars (Tennis) 

Big Game Hunter

Rockband     Just Dance and Just Dance 2  
The Beatles: Rockband

Michael Jackson Experience

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Wii Play  
Grand Theft Auto IV Wii Sports  
Need for Speed SHIFT Wii Fit Plus  
Forza Motorsport 2 The Legend of Zelda  
Burnout Paradise Metroid Other M  

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

and Black Ops

Splinter Cell Double Agent  
Just Cause 2 Cabela's Bug Game Hunter  
Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Barbie as Island Princess  
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen    
Sonic Unleashed    
Street Fighter IV    
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger    
Gears Wars 2    
Resident Evil    
Alan Wake    
Left 4 Dead 2    
Beautiful Katamari    
Fable II    
Civilization Revolution    


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