BA Applied Geography

The Department of Geography and Geology at UNCW offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in geography. Students who pursue this degree choose from a broad, flexible program that meets personal educational goals and interests, including careers and graduate study in physical geography (such as geomorphology or climatology), human geography, or applied geography (such as planning and Geographic Information Science).

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Degree Requirements:

The B.A. requires 47 hours. The required core courses (17 credits) are:

GGY 130: Intro to Physical Geography (4 credits)

GGY 140: Intro to Human Geography (3 credits)

GGY 180: World Geography I (Europe and the Americas, 3 credits)

GGY 181: World Geography II (Africa, Asia, and Oceania, 3 credits)

GGY 220 (was 320): Intro to Cartography (3 credits)

GGY 495: Senior Seminar (1 credit)

Each student enrolls in an option (Applied, Human and Physical) where a minimum of 17 credits are taken with the option and 9 outside the option. Students must take one lab class (*) and one regional class (**) and at least 14 hours must be at the 300 or 400 level.

In the Applied option, the requirements are (9 credits):

GGY 222: Quantitative Methods in Earth Sciences (3 credits)

GGY 270: Principles of Land Use Planning (3 credits)

GGY 328: Intro to Geographic Information Systems (prereq: GGY 220 or consent; 3 credits)

Additional electives (8 credits) from the following:

GGY 422*: Remote Sensing in Environmental Analysis (prereq: GGY 130 or GLY 101 or 205 or consent; 3 credits)

GGY424*: Advanced Geographic Information Systems (prereq: GGY 328 or consent; 4 credits)

GGY 426*: Environmental GIS (prereq: GGY 328 or consent; 4 credits)

GGY 473: Regional and Environmental Land Use Planning (prereq: GGY 270; 3 credits)

GGY 478: Historic Preservation Planning (prereq: GGY 270 or 452 or consent; 3 credits)

GGY 491 (Directed Independent Study) and GGY 498 (Internship in Geography) may be applied towards electives in the Applied Option.

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