This course will be offered as an main campus course in Fall 2012. The course description has been approved by the instructor for this offering. Use for general information only after Fall 2012..

Course Description

GLS 592: Ceramics in Cultures of the World

Instructor: Vicky Smith

This course will focus on Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. We will take an in depth study of the tea ceremony, visit a Tea House in the area and experience the ceremony first hand by a Japanese Tea Master.

The tea wares, such as the tea bowls, canisters, watercarriers are specific to the ceremony. In the ceramic studio we will make the wares used for the tea ceremony. The traditional method of firing pottery in Japan is in a wood-firing kiln; we will fire the tea wares by this method in a kiln off site. Each student will select a pottery area in Japan and make a presentation to the class, which will include images of the ceramics and kilns in the area selected. A written paper will accompany the presentation

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