This course is being offered in fall 2009 semester. This description is approved by the instructor.

Course Description

GLS 533: The Environmental Crisis

Instructor: Rod Hagley

This course represents a multidisciplinary exploration into the origin and continuing degradation of the earth’s environmental support systems. The moniker, “The Environmental Crisis,” was originally coined in the 1960’s to describe the widespread degradation of basic local environmental services has in this new century come to represent the less apparent but far more dangerous degradation of the environment on a global scale. We shall take a scientific (ecological), historical, political, economic, cultural, and humanistic perspective in an attempt to understand the root causes of environmental deterioration and consider potential resolutions. The impact of environmental challenges upon human health will be given special consideration.

ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to be present for all scheduled class activities.


Our Global Environment 6th ed. by Anne Nadakavunkaren,Waveman Press Inc.

One with Nineveh by Anne & Paul Ehrlich, Island Press

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