This main campus classroom course is being offered in the Spring 2016 semester. This description is approved by the instructor. Use for general information only after Spring 2016.

Course Description

GLS 533: The Environmental Crisis

Instructor: Rod Hagley

An intensifying environmental crisis has arisen from local, national, and trans-border encounters with water and air pollution, habitat destruction ans species extinction, and global warming, all in the context of unprecedented population growth. This course is an American-centered, historically oriented examination of our environmental dilemmas and their possible solutions.

The course offering will focus on the most profound and urgent issue of our times, global climate change. The class will review the causes, the contemporary manifestations, and potential responses to the multifold effects of global warming. From the contemporary experience of unprecedented weather events to the threat of future catastrophic sea-level change, we will discuss the possible solutions. In addition to the all important issue of global climate change, the course will review past successes with local and regional environmental challenges, such as air and water pollution, in an effort to chart a path for future generations who will inherit this planet.


Students are expected to be present for all scheduled class activities.

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