Note: This course will be offered in Summer I 2013 as an extension online crosslisted course. It is crosslisted with GLS 592. The description has been approved for that offering. After Summer I 2013, use for general information only.



Course Description

WMS 495: Grave Robbing for a Wedding Gown: An Exploration of the Contemporary Fairy Tale - Crosslisted with GLS 592

Instructor: Ashley Hudson

This course will explore the fairy tale in its most contemporary forms by looking back over traditional examples of the genre, working our way through a selection of fairy tales that began to turn the tradition on its pretty little head, on into an examination of fairy tales being written today by some of the country’s most exciting up and coming authors and poets. We’ll explore what remains of the fairy tale tradition, what’s changed and why, such as the portrayals of men’s, women’s, and children’s roles in the tales throughout the history of the genre.

In addition to reading a myriad of selected texts in this course, students will participate in discussion and submit brief weekly journal reflections generated by the text that demonstrate critical thinking skills and an ability to identify literary elements that indicate cultural shifts throughout the history of the genre. The course will culminate in a mini-research project (3-4 pages) and a creative project (2 pages). No previous poetry or fiction writing experience necessary.

Detailed guidelines for each assignment will be provided throughout the semester.

Last Update: March 13, 2013

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