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In all academic programs, forms are a necessary administrative tool. That said, the following information and direct links are intended to provide Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) students with some of the tools they may need to navigate UNCW's administrative seas.

Students and faculty are encouraged to point out to the GLS Program Assistant any necessary forms that may be missing from this listing.

Graduate School Forms

Initial Application

Applications to the MALS degree or Post-Master's (PM) Liberal Studies certificate programs must start with an application to the UNCW Graduate School. With the exception of the submission of transcripts and any test scores (GRE/MAT not required for GLS programs), all material is submitted on-line. Go to the Graduate School's "Graduate School Application Steps" page and follow instructions.


The Graduate School's "Graduate School Forms" page has four sub-sections (Admissions, Current Students, Coordinators, and Faculty/Staff). Each sub-section, with its contents, is discussed below. To find links or instructions relevant to the actual forms, go to the indicated sub-section and click on the form of interest.

  • Admissions

    • Unless you are an international applicant or a McNair Scholar, there are no links to forms of interest for MALS or PM certificate students on this web page.
  • Current Students -

    • Graduate School "Dissertation" and "Thesis" forms are not used by GLS students and thus are not listed herein.
    • Extension of Degree Time Limit
    • Graduation Application
    • Leave of Absence
    • Registration Forms
      • 591, Directed Independent Study - click on "591" under "Form." (Note: Forms requesting this course must be submitted to the GLS Program Director at least two days prior to the relevant semester/session drop/add deadline.)
      • 599, Thesis Hours - click on "599" under "Form." (for post-master's GLS students only)
      • 600, Continuous Enrollment - click on "600" under "Form." (use if registering for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time)
      • 600, Permission to Extend - click on "600 to extend" under "Form." (use if registering for the 4th time or more)
      • Internship Hours - click on "Internship" under "Form." (Note: Forms requesting this course must be submitted to the GLS Program Director at least two days prior to the relevant semester/session drop/add deadline.)
    • Residency (both for non-resident and armed forces) - GLS students with residency questions should go to the Graduate School's web page "North Carolina Residency Information." Links to forms and information will be available at that site.
    • Withdrawal - Review this link carefully if withdrawing and use the correct procedure as documented on the web page.
    • Travel Grant Application - This link is to the actual form. See below for information about travel awards.
  • Coordinators

    • Assistantship Agreement
    • Curriculum Change
    • Internship Agency Approval
    • Substitution/Waiver of Degree Requirement
    • Transfer Credit
    • Transient Study Request - (Fill out before taking course) and Transfer Credit Request (Fill out after course is completed):
    • Tuition and Scholarships
      • New Scholar Award
      • Out-of-State Tuition Remission
      • Tuition Scholarship
    • For New Coordinators
      • Change of Program Coordinator
      • Reporting Account Request Form
    • Registration Forms
      • Internship (pdf)
      • Directed Independent Study 591 (pdf)
  • Faculty/Staff

    • Assistantship Agreement -- to be initiated by the department for graduate students who will be receiving assistantships
    • Change of Program Graduate Coordinator -- to be completed when a new Graduate Coordinator steps in.
    • Curriculum Change Form -- to request change to course information or degree requirement changes
    • Internship Agency Approval -- to request approval of internship agencies for graduate internships
    • Graduate Faculty Application -- to request graduate faculty status


  • Graduate

    • Admission Deferments or Withdrawal of Application: Information and a link to the appropriate form are found on the Graduate School's web page "Congratulations on Acceptance ...."
  • Undergraduate

    • For those undergraduate students wishing to enroll in a GLS course, there is a link to the form on the Registrar's "Student Forms" web page.
  • Travel

Graduate Liberal Studies Program Forms

The following forms are relevant to the Graduate Liberal Studies program.



** "A" assessment forms are to be used with MALS final projects with artist statements. "S" assessment forms are to be used with MALS final projects that are scholarly and/or research oriented.

Other Forms

Many other UNCW administrative forms are available from the Administrative Forms Directory.

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