This course is not being offered in the current semester. Use description for general information only.

Course Description

GLS 592: Exploring Science through Science Writing

Instructor: Diane Melroy

“Science writing, at its best, imaginatively explores the intersection between the external world of nature and the internal world of the human spirit…Science writing is about the uneasy and often tortured relationship of the human species with nature.” – Richard Preston, editor of The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2007

In this course we will read essays, newspaper articles, and maybe even a little fiction on the subject of science, by some of the best science writers in the business. These works were written to inform and amuse a wide audience; they are not directed at scientists. We will analyze their successes and failures, if and how they get the job done. We will start with two great compilations: The Best American Science Writing 2006, edited by surgeon and science writer Atul Gawande, and The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2007, edited by Richard Preston, author of bestselling books such as The Hot Zone and The Cobra Event. All types of science are fair game; students will be able to follow or develop their own interests during the course. Assessment will be based on written assignments and class participation.

Last Update: February 6, 2012

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