Update/Modify Existing Graduate Certificate or Education Specilization

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Program Request Program Level Approvals
1st 2nd
Graduate Council UNC General Administration
Update/Modify Existing Program Specilization ** or
Post-baccalaureate or Post-master's or Teacher Licensure

** Education Specialization Only
Forms: Request to Modify None
Submitted by: Program
Submit to: Graduate School
Additional Forms Approval Page (Word)
Approval Page (PDF)

Request to Modify

  1. In a short paragraph, please explain the change(s) that you are requesting for the program.
  2. Please attach a copy of your current requirements from the Graduate Catalgoue. Please make your requested change(s) to that catalogue copy.
    • Suggested formats for catalogue copy changes:
      • Copy and paste the current program requirements from the Graduate Catalogue into a Word document. Please turn on track changes when making catalgoue updates, or
      • Print a hardcopy of the current program requirements from the Graduate Catalogue and make updates.
  3. Provide a short justification for the requested changes.
  4. Complete the approvals page.

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