Student Insurance

The Spring/Summer 2015 Waiver/Enrollment period is now open through January 30. Click here to to enroll or waive.

Health Insurance is required for all UNCW students who meet the following three criteria:

-Enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester for undergraduates or 1 credit hour for graduate students

-Enrolled in a degree-seeking program and

-Eligible to pay the UNCW student health fee

This may be insurance students bring with them (family, employer, etc.), insurance they purchase through the school, or a combination of both plans.

Students will be required to complete the Enrollment or Waiver Process each semester.

Since extension and distance education students do not pay the health fee or use the health center, they will not be required to show proof of health insurance.

Student Blue is the insurance vendor for the Student Health Insurance Program.

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