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Rebekah Banks, Durham, North Carolina

I have lived in North Carolina my whole life, Durham to be exact, and college didn't change that considering UNCW is only about 2 hours from home. I chose UNCW partly for this reason and partly because of the beach, though I don't usually have much time to enjoy it. I am currently pursuing a B.A. in Economics, a B.S. in Business with a concentration in Marketing, and a minor in Spanish. I am also a member of the women's basketball team. In my free time I like to read, hang out with my teammates and catch up on my favorite shows, like Scandal. I am excited to get to pursue the opportunities that the Fellows program has to offer me through research and scholarship.


Kyle Chenevert, Austin, Texas

Born in the vast state of Texas, one would not expect for Kyle Chenevert to have such a love of water and the ocean. And yet this native Austinite has chased his love of water all the way to the Carolina Coast! Kyle hopes to study Biology, with a focus in Marine Microbiology, working his way to a summer internship in Australia. In his spare time, you will find Kyle on the water, fishing or boating. If he isn't studying, that is! Also an accomplished musician, Kyle can play both the Clarinet, and Tenor Saxophone. He also plans to learn how to surf, and achieve his SCUBA certification.


Morgan Clark, Raleigh, North Carolina

Morgan Clark is from Raleigh North Carolina and chose UNCW because of its exceptional nursing program. She plans on double majoring in Nursing and Spanish before going to graduate school to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. She also plans on starting a non-profit organization that helps mothers in need receive diapers for their children. In her spare time Morgan enjoys dancing and yoga, as well as reading on the beach. She is incredibly excited for the next four years of her life at UNCW, and cannot wait for all of the new experiences and opportunities that it will offer her.

Recent accomplishments: applied to study at Universidad de Veritas, applied for Phi Kappa Phi study abroad grant, Fund for Education Abroad, and Foundation for Global Scholars


Matthew Fair, Cary, North Carolina

Though I have interests in numerous and sundry academic areas, my primary foci are physics and marine science. I have also had a deep seated love for all things music, I have played instruments (primarily percussion) for the past eight years and I plan on continuing to do so in college. For me, UNCW was a clear choice. I fell in love with it the first time I set foot on campus seven years ago when I first attended the MarineQuest summer camp; I have gone nearly every year since. I plan on double majoring in physics and oceanography, and eventually attending graduate school to earn my masters. My ultimate goal is to work at a coastal research laboratory in the field of physical oceanography.

Recent Accomplishments: Summer Internship with the Environmental Protection Agency, with Dr. Cecelia Tan on pharmacokinetic modelling.


Amber Llanes, Morrisville, North Carolina

Amber is currently a sophomore double majoring in Nursing and Spanish. UNCW had been Amber’s dream school since her junior year in high school when she first stepped foot on campus. Her dream came true when she was awarded a full merit scholarship to attend UNCW. She is very involved on campus and loves showing her school spirit by leading campus tours and being president of Spanish Club. Serving under-represented populations in her community has become Amber’s passion and has inspired her to go to graduate school to get her degree in non-profit management. Ultimately, she hopes to be able to serve those in need all around the world and continue volunteering with her favorite non-profit, Miracle League. 


Allison Manley, Paducah, Kentucky

I am originally from far-western Kentucky. Now I live in Carolina Beach just 30 minutes away from campus. I am majoring in Marine Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies. In the Fall of 2015 I was an Honors Mentor for the incoming freshmen. I loved being a mentor and would recommend it to anyone. Currently I am an active member in PRIDE and the Vice President of the UNCW Planeswalkers, a club I helped found. I am doing research in Dr. Stephanie Kamel’s lab working with snails and studying their mating habits. I plan to stay in her lab and do my research there for my honors thesis. In my free time I like to go to Carolina Beach State Park, hang out in the LGBT office, read, and play video games.


Holly McGrory, Concord, Massachusetts

Holly is originally from Concord, Massachusetts. Consequently, she frequents Walden Pond and is a big fan of Henry David Thoreau. Holly is an active member in Honors Scholars Association as well as Communication Studies Society. With a major in communication studies and minors in English and psychology, Holly hopes to either work in Industrial Organizational psychology after graduation or explore avenues to better lives with the power of communication and media.



Sarah Murphy, Rockland, New York

I am from Rockland, NY and I chose to go to UNCW because I was drawn to the oceanography program here; the resources available, and being close to the coast, made it an excellent choice. I am pursuing a B.S. in Oceanography and also minoring in studio art. I am currently a member of dance company and surf club. In my free time I enjoy photography, and running half marathons. I am passionate about protecting the environment and I hope to research in the field of conservation oceanography-including plastic pollution, with a goal of earning my masters.

Recent accomplishments: Summer internship with National Park Service- Natural Resource Management/field assistant at Gateway National Park in Jamaica Bay, NY. Currently working with Dr. Hoffman assisting in the lab picking benthic foraminifera.


Sean Owens, Fayetteville, North Carolina

I always wanted diversity. My family is military and I have experienced multiple cultures so I've had the chance to learn new things on a regular basis. I knew that I wanted a college that would help me continue this life. I love meeting new people, studying new ideas, and experiencing new cultures, but above all I never want to be complacent with what I have done before. I love God and I believe that I always need to be striving to better myself because of that. I have played sports, been a public speaker, achieved high grades, worked as a leader in different groups, and acted in numerous shows. I plan on continuing all these activities, but I am pursuing the last and the Wilmington acting community will be the perfect area to test my abilities as I mature. Ultimately, I realize that a person's influence affects how he can help people and I want to help as large a group as possible.

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Aliana Raulerson, Concord, North Carolina

Growing up I had a love for all animals, and had no doubt that the career I wanted would involve studying them. I have always loved the ocean and been fascinated by the animals that live in it, so studying Marine Biology at UNCW was the easiest and best decision I have ever made! I plan to achieve a bachelors degree in marine biology, and in the future focus on studying manatees in Florida. I also plan to minor in Psychology and Spanish. At UNCW I am involved in Club Tennis, the Marine Mammal Stranding Program, and am treasurer of Scuba Club.



Mackenzie Torcasio, Canton, Ohio

Mackenzie Torcasio is an out of state resident from Ohio attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to major in biochemistry. She plans to become a doctor associated with doctors without borders or other volunteer and low cost medical services. Mackenzie enjoys reading, talking, eating and traveling. She chose UNCW because there is no beach in Ohio and because she could imagine herself here! Her favorite school subjects are the language courses- specifically English and French. Mackenzie hopes to pursue a science and language degree to better the health of our population for the future!


Victoria Waldman, Reading, Pennsylvania

Until I came to Wilmington, I lived in Reading, Pennsylvania for my whole life. Moving to North Carolina has opened my eyes to so much and UNCW has given me so many opportunities. Growing up I had no idea that I would be a finance major, but now I can’t imagine being anywhere except in the Cameron School of Business. On campus, I am involved in vocal jazz, intramural soccer, and I am the Vice President of Social Activities for the Honors Scholars Association. I plan to take advantage of as many study abroad opportunities as I possibly can while I’m here; I have always been very passionate about traveling. I’m so excited to see where life takes me in the next few years. The possibilities at UNCW and through the Fellows are endless!

Recent Accomplishments: Summer Study Abroad at the University of Hertfordshire in England and Education Abroad Grant

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