wilmfellowsMeet the new First-Year 2014 Wilmington Fellows Class


Kyle Chenevert, Austin, Texas

Born in the vast state of Texas, one would not expect for Kyle Chenevert to have such a love of water and the ocean. And yet this native Austinite has chased his love of water all the way to the Carolina Coast! Kyle hopes to study Biology, with a focus in Marine Microbiology, working his way to a summer internship in Australia. In his spare time, you will find Kyle on the water, fishing or boating. If he isn't studying, that is! Also an accomplished musician, Kyle can play both the Clarinet, and Tenor Saxophone. He also plans to learn how to surf, and achieve his SCUBA certification.


Morgan Clark, Raleigh, North Carolina

Morgan Clark is from Raleigh North Carolina and chose UNCW because of its exceptional nursing program. She plans on double majoring in Nursing and Spanish before going to graduate school to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. She also plans on starting a non-profit organization that helps mothers in need receive diapers for their children. In her spare time Morgan enjoys dancing and yoga, as well as reading on the beach. She is incredibly excited for the next four years of her life at UNCW, and cannot wait for all of the new experiences and opportunities that it will offer her.

Recent accomplishments: applied to study at Universidad de Veritas, applied for Phi Kappa Phi study abroad grant, Fund for Education Abroad, and Foundation for Global Scholars


Megan Dodd, Lenoir, North Carolina

After doing a project in sixth grade on Sylvia Earle, I fell in love with Marine Biology. I am attending UNCW to double major in Marine Biology and Biology, and plan on eventually earn a Ph.D. in Marine Biology. I hope to become a professor one day, as well as conduct research on giant squids and deep sea bioluminescence. I chose UNCW because of its excellent Marine Biology program, its location and campus, and its many study abroad opportunities that I would like to be a part of. I enjoy competitive swimming, ultimate Frisbee, bicycling, reading, and music. I have participated in a variety of community service activities through Girl Scouts, Beta Club, and Varsity Club, and I would like to continue volunteering in the Wilmington area.


Matthew Fair, Cary, North Carolina

Though I have interests in numerous and sundry academic areas, my primary foci are physics and marine science. I have also had a deep seated love for all things music, I have played instruments (primarily percussion) for the past eight years and I plan on continuing to do so in college. For me, UNCW was a clear choice. I fell in love with it the first time I set foot on campus seven years ago when I first attended the MarineQuest summer camp; I have gone nearly every year since. I plan on double majoring in physics and oceanography, and eventually attending graduate school to earn my masters. My ultimate goal is to work at a coastal research laboratory in the field of physical oceanography.


Amber Llanes, Morrisville, North Carolina

My passion in life has always been to help others. I love meeting new people and getting to brighten anyone's day. Whether itbe a complete stranger or my best friend. Academically I am fascinated by the medical field and the different sciences it encompasses. I chose to attend UNCW not only for the beach, but for its outstanding nursing school as well. In four years I hope to be working as a pediatric nurse in a local hospital helping to save the lives of our future generation. I would also love to study abroad and help to expand the amount of medical equipment and knowledge available to those who live in third world countries.


Allison Manley, Paducah, Kentucky

Allison Manley is from far-western Kentucky. Having lived there on a farm for most of her life, she developed a love of animals. Taking care of horses, cats, dogs, fish, chickens, and the occasional lizard or frog, she knew she wanted to have a career that involved dealing with animals. As marine biology was always her favorite topic in school, and one she did very well in, it became the clear choice. She chose UNCW because of the amazing marine bio program and the location on the beach. After getting her bachelors she hopes to attend graduate school and then go on to obtain a PhD in Marine Biology and work in the conservation aspect of the field. She enjoys reading, listening to music, riding horses, and travelling in her free time.


Sean Owens, Fayetteville, North Carolina

I always wanted diversity. My family is military and I have experienced multiple cultures so I've had the chance to learn new things on a regular basis. I knew that I wanted a college that would help me continue this life. I love meeting new people, studying new ideas, and experiencing new cultures, but above all I never want to be complacent with what I have done before. I love God and I believe that I always need to be striving to better myself because of that. I have played sports, been a public speaker, achieved high grades, worked as a leader in different groups, and acted in numerous shows. I plan on continuing all these activities, but I am pursuing the last and the Wilmington acting community will be the perfect area to test my abilities as I mature. Ultimately, I realize that a person's influence affects how he can help people and I want to help as large a group as possible.


Emma Tasharski, Berlin, Germany

As a child Emma spent hours staring into the colorful tanks of aquariums. Today, she is excited to study marine biology, women’s studies and journalism at UNCW. She aspires to combine her interests, perhaps writing for a science magazine about marine conservation issues and the importance of women in science. In her free time, she enjoys photography, SCUBA diving, and exploring the outdoors by foot or bike. After living in five countries and having little experience living in the US, she chose UNCW for its dramatic contrast to the other places she has lived, its stellar marine science program, and its internship opportunities. Emma is overjoyed to add Wilmington to her growning list of places to call home.


Mackenzie Torcasio, Canton, Ohio

Mackenzie Torcasio is an out of state resident from Ohio attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to major in biochemistry. She plans to become a doctor associated with doctors without borders or other volunteer and low cost medical services. Mackenzie enjoys reading, talking, eating and traveling. She chose UNCW because there is no beach in Ohio and because she could imagine herself here! Her favorite school subjects are the language courses- specifically English and French. Mackenzie hopes to pursue a science and language degree to better the health of our population for the future!


Victoria Waldman, Reading, Pennsylvania

 I am from Reading, Pennsylvania. I chose to attend UNCW because it is very important to me to be in a place that not only has amazing academics but also a very strong sense of community, and that is UNCW. My main academic interests include business, mathematics, foreign language, physics, and chemistry. I am very passionate about soccer, ice hockey, music, community service, and maintaining great friendships. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, skiing, and of course the beach!

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