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University Honors

University Honors is the highest academic distinction a student may earn as an undergraduate at UNCW. This course of study involves specific required class work in enriched seminar experiences in University Studies, co-curricular activities, Honors enrichment seminars and independent scholarly research. This vibrant experience may be integrated into any major for the student and provide an opportunity for close scholarly interaction between student and faculty, more in-depth involvement within the student's academic discipline.

The Honors College at the University of North Carolina Wilmington attracts and retains academically talented students, offering a powerful learning experience by encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, and independent work skills, and by developing a community of honors scholars on campus. The College is committed to offering opportunities to students as they pursue their academic passions in college. The vision of the program is to encourage and support life-long learning, including a global perspective.

Honors College Requirements for Graduation with University Honors

(Catalog year 2012-2013 and later)

Note: As the Honors Program became an Honors College, requirements changed... A summary of the requirements for 2012-2013, 2011-2012, and 2010-2011 catalog years can be accessed by clicking here.

To graduate with University Honors, a student must:

  1. Complete at least 12 credit hours of university studies courses honors sections*
  2. Complete six credits of "Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars" (HON 110 and HON 210)*
  3. Complete two credits of "Honors Enrichment Seminar" (HON 120)*
  4. Complete three additional honors credits (additional honors seminars or university studies courses as honors sections, or honors contract course, or semester study abroad)*
  5. Maintain academic eligibility: at the completion of 27 credit-hours at UNCW, an overall grade point average of 3.30 or better in all coursework is required. An overall grade point average of 3.50 or better must be established by the completion of 58 credit hours and maintained thereafter.**
  6. Earn a minimum of a "C" (2.00) in all honors work ("B" (3.00) in 499 and honors contract courses) and have a 3.00 overall GPA in all honors curriculum coursework. If a student earns a grade below a "C" in an honors basic studies course, the grade may count toward that student's basic studies requirements but not toward his or her honors requirements. If that student wishes to complete the honors requirements for University Honors, he or she must take an additional honors university (basic) studies course and earn no lower than a "C." Students earning below a "C" in HON 210 or HON 120 must take additional seminars, respectively, and earn no lower than a "C."
  7. Complete requirements for Departmental Honors.

*Note: students entering after the fall of the freshman year must complete HON 210 , two credit hours of HON 120 , at least nine hours of honors university studies courses, and three additional honors credits (additional honors seminars or university studies courses as honors sections, or honors contract course, or semester study abroad. "3 additional hours" requirement effective for those beginning Honors Fall 2012 or later.

**Note: GPA requirement effective for students entering Honors College Fall 2011 or later.

How to Apply

Download an application for the Honors College.

Students may apply to the Honors College at several times. Most students apply to enter as first semester freshmen. Applications are reviewed on a rollinhonors students at lincoln memorialg basis, and because the program is quite competitive, we urge you to apply as early as possible, at least by early April. We will keep a waiting list in case spots open during the summer.

Students may also apply after completing one or two semesters at UNCW, and grades earned at UNCW are weighted highly. Transfer students are also urged to appy.

Any current UNCW student or transfer student may apply for departmental honors in the junior or senior year if he or she meets the criteria. This application uses a different application form available in the Honors College office (second floor Randall Library).

Useful Forms

Honors Scholars Application (PDF)

The online application may be found here and submitted by mail once completed
Request to Visit UNCW Honors (live August 10-May 30) The online survey request form may be filled out by following this link to request an Honors College Visit August 10th through June 1st of each year.

Honors Scholars Student Handbook (PDF)

The main resource for students entering into the Honors College with information about requirements and offerings in the Honors College.

Departmental Honors Resources

Departmenal Honors Handbook (PDF)

Complete resource and guidelines for students and faculty on completing the DH project

Departmental Honors Reflection Paper (PDF)

Required at completion of departmental honors project. You should look at guidelines early in the process of departmental honors.

Randall Library Honors Project Holdings

Library Catalogue call numbers for published DH papers.

These are listed by call number, filed by most recent graduates' paper.

You can browse this by subject/discipline.

Departmental Honors-3 Form (PDF)

the final form needed to be filed for the 499 project (to be submitted at the end of the first semester of the project)

Withdraw from Departmental Honors

499 Instructors only may prepare this and forward for a student wishing to withrdraw from the course.

Interested in Departmental Honors Workshop PowerPoint

overview to help students more about Departmental Honors

Now that you are Enrolled in Departmental Honors PowerPoint

overview to help students get started in Departmental Honors

Finishing Your Project Worksheet (PDF) (2012-13 year)

dates and checklist for students

Finishing Your Project PowerPoint

overview to help students finishing Departmental Honors

Thesis Title Page Template (DOC)

proper formatting for the title page for the paper

How to Make and Print Your Poster

instructions on how to make and have printed a research poster

499 Survey Related to Scheduling Oral Defense

Survey that is required for each 499 student finishing a project. This is updated each semester and typically is opened about one-two months before exams of that semester.

Honors Graduation EXIT Survey (goes live 3 weeks before end of the semester)

Survey that is required of each graduate. You upload your 499 paper here.