Lynn W. Mollenauer, Associate Professor

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Mollenauer's book

Dr. Mollenauer received her Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1999. She specializes in early modern French history, with an emphasis on the cultural history of the old regime. Professor Mollenauer’s research focuses on the court of Louis XIV, and her dissertation, The Politics of Poison: Criminals and Courtiers in the Affair of the Poisons, analyzes the greatest court scandal of the 17th century. From 1679 to 1682, the French crown investigated over 400 people--including Louis XIV’s official mistress and members of the highest-ranking circles at court-- for an array of sensational crimes. Her article, "Justice v. Secrecy: Investigating the Affair of the Poisons, 1679-1682," is forthcoming in Historical Reflections.

Professor Mollenauer offers courses on 17th- and 18th-century Europe, criminals and crime, medieval and early modern France, and Renaissance Europe.


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