Michael M. Seidman, Professor

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Dr. Seidman's research specialty is Modern Europe and Social/Individual History. His latest book is The Victorious Counterrevolution: The Nationalist Effort in the Spanish Civil War (University of Wisconsin Press, 2011) http://uwpress.wisc.edu/books/4855.htm (Spanish translation, La Victoria nacional: La eficacia contrarrevolucionaria en la Guerra Civil, Alianza Editorial, 2012,  http://www.alianzaeditorial.es/libro.php?id=2191476&id_col=100508&id_subcol=100513.  He also authored The Imaginary Revolution: Parisian Students and Workers in 1968, (Berghahn Books, 2004), selected as a 2005 Choice Outstanding Academic Title. His most translated work is the comparative history, Workers against Work: Labor in Paris and Barcelona during the Popular Fronts (1936-38), (University of California Press, 1991), Japanese translation (1997), partial Greek translation (2006), and Turkish translation (2010), French translation (2010), German translation (2011), and Spanish translation (2014). Insubordinate Publications issued a limited paperback edition in 2001. “The Strange History of Workers against Work” http://gimenologues.org/IMG/pdf_Seidman_Strange_History_of_Workers_against_Workw.pdf provides a history of this book. His Republic of Egos: A Social History of the Spanish Civil War, was published by the University of Wisconsin Press (2002), Spanish-language edition by Alianza Editorial (2003), and was selected as a 2004 Choice Outstanding Academic Title. He was guest editor of an issue of Alcores: Revista de Historia Contemporánea: “The Spanish Civil War from a Comparative Perspective,” no. 4, (2008).

He has authored numerous articles, including "Making the French Unemployed Work,1930–1936, "Towards a History Workers" Resistance to Work," and "Women's Subversive Individualism in Barcelona during the 1930s." [See this in French http://www.non-fides.fr/?L-individualisme-subversif-des] Other articles include “Social History and Anti-Social History,” in Common Knowledge, vol. 13, no. 1, (Winter, 2007), 40-49; "The Pre-may 1968 Sexual Revolution," Contemporary French Civilization (XXV (Winter/Spring, 2001) pp. 20-41; "Individualism in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War," Journal of Modern History, (March, 1996), pp. 63-82; "Revolutionary Collectivism: Parisian Poster Art in 1968," Contemporary French Civilization, (Winter-Spring, 1996), pp. 145-167; "Quiet Fronts in the Spanish Civil War" The Historian (Summer 1999); and "Agrarian Collectives during the Spanish Revolution and Civil War," European History Quarterly, Vol. 30(2), 2000.


PowerPoint for History 102

1848 Civilian Death in WWII Cold War Enlightenment French Revolution German Unification
Holocaust Industrial Revolution Italian Unification Napoleon Nazism Old regime
Russian Revolution and Civil War Weimar Republic World War I World War II    













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