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History MA Requirements:

Requirements for the Master of Arts in History – 30 Hours (24 class hours, 6 thesis hours for U.S., European and Global tracks and 3 internship and 3 thesis hours for the Public History track).

Student requirements for the M.A. in History are that 18 hours must be completed in courses open ONLY to grad students. These DO NOT include 9 hours maximum in cross-listed with undergraduate courses).

Also, 6 hours beyond HST 500 must be in graduate level seminars. One grad seminar must be in the students track (area of concentration). This means students have to complete/pass 6 hours of GRADUATE SEMINARS (not cross-listed classes, not colloquiums, not Directed Independent Studies [DIS], not internships, not thesis hours). DIS’s count toward concentration hours (if the subject matter matches the students’ track) but cross-listed seminars do NOT fulfill the required 6-hour GRADUATE SEMINAR requirement.

Learning outcomes and competency levels for Master's Degree students.

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History MA Reading Lists (As of Fall 2012):

History MA Reading Lists (As of Fall 2013)


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Comprehensive Exam

The Comprehensive Exam should be taken in your third semester of the History M.A. program. The exam normally takes place on Reading Day (the day after the last day of classes) and in one of the university's computer labs. Bring a flash drive on which to save your exam while you write it. The exam is a four hour exam, consisting of two questions with two hours devoted to each question. The exams are emailed to the faculty graders and they either pass or fail. The student must receiving passing grades from at least 2 of the 3 graders and must pass BOTH questions to pass.

US - 3 questions and the student chooses 2 to answer.
European - Student selects early or modern European; 3 questions, answer 2.
Global - 2 questions of Global, answer 1; 2 questions in students region, answer 1
Public History - Student chooses 1st half US or 2nd half US; 2 questions US, answer 1; 2 questions Public History, answer 1.

Comprehensive Exam Questions

M. A. Thesis Defenses & Graduation


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