Bethany Thurston



Bethany Thurston


Bethany Thurston will be tickled teal if you sign up for Color Me Rad. UNCW is hosting the 2nd annual Wilmington Color Me Rad 5K on Sept. 6, 2014.

Last year, Color Me Rad made its Wilmington debut and raised $23,650 for the Seahawk Club. Thurston recruited student-athlete volunteers who helped raise a portion of these funds. Color Me Rad made a $7,500 donation to the Seahawk Club for their efforts.

As assistant director of development for the Seahawk Club, Thurston plays a significant role in the club's fundraising events, like Color Me Rad. She also manages the donor benefit program, assists with the day-to-day management of the fundraising data base, oversees the processing and payment of bills, travels and prepares purchase orders for the organization.

Thurston isn't new to college athletics or UNCW ­- she played softball at Methodist University before transferring to UNCW. She also served as a student assistant with the Seahawk Office of Sports Marketing while earning her bachelor's in business administration with a concentration in management and leadership in 2010.

Graduating from a student to a staff role is "AMAZING," says Thurston. "I love UNCW, the place, the people - everything. The faculty and staff here were always willing to help and guide me as a student." Thurston is grateful to still receive that support from previous professors, advisors and others on campus now that has joined them as an employee.

In addition to signing up for Color Me Rad if you haven't already, Thurston and the athletics staff encourage the campus community to take part in all athletic events this year and support student-athletes. "Student-athletes on scholarship have the opportunities they do because of our generous donors," says Thurston. "Without the contributions of our loyal supporters, some may not have this opportunity."