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After careful evaluation of the IARC's recommendations and close consultation with the Board of Trustees, Chancellor Miller today announced that UNCW's 19 sports programs will remain active as we examine ways to increase our financial and operational efficiency surrounding Athletics. The chancellor thanks the IARC for the important and difficult work they have done. Chancellor Miller also thanks everyone who engaged in this important dialogue and encourages those who made their voices heard over the past few weeks to continue to support UNCW Athletics financially as well whenever possible. We look forward to collaborating with this community to ensure the success of our athletic programs, and we are confident that if we work together toward that goal, the future is bright for current and future Seahawks.


Statement from the Committee Chair

"These recommendations reflect the IARC's critical analysis of UNCW's current athletic portfolio and its potential for long-term success. The report is meant to provide input for Chancellor Miller and Athletic Director Bass as they determine a future path for UNCW sports - one that offers those sports the best possible opportunity for fiscal, competitive, and organizational effectiveness. The committee took its charge very seriously, and was at every turn deeply cognizant of the impact these recommendations may ultimately have on UNCW's student-athletes and coaching personnel. Unfortunately, the committee saw no way for the athletics department to meet its fiscal goals without considering a reduction in the size of the portfolio. As heavy as our hearts have been as we finalized these recommendations, we realize nothing compares to how our student-athletes and coaches will feel at the possibility of their programs being eliminated. While these recommendations will surely invite disappointment and debate, inaction was not an option. The committee did its best to meet the chancellor's charge, and we submit this report with the greatest of hopes that by facing tough decisions now, UNCW Athletics will be able to strengthen its remaining programs and be even more competitive in all sports for years to come."
- Dr. Terry Curran
Chair, Intercollegiate Athletics Review Committee

IARC Report of Recommendations

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