What is the Intercollegiate Athletics Review Committee (IARC)?

Chancellor Gary L. Miller has initiated a comprehensive review of the university's athletics portfolio. The Intercollegiate Athletics Review Committee (IARC) will conduct the review as part of UNCW's effort to bolster the university's existing athletics program and explore new ways to support its student athletes, optimize its fiscal health, and engage with the community. The committee is comprised of faculty, staff and student representatives, as well as members of the UNCW Foundation and Board of Visitors.

The IARC has completed the initial stage of its work via a series of comprehensive briefing meetings, designed to offer the committee a deeper understanding of the UNCW Athletics landscape. Athletic Director Jimmy Bass and Associate Director Pat Howey provided the committee with an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities facing the program. The sessions included a review of UNCW’s standing in comparison to its CAA peers as well as an examination of issues surrounding compliance, Title IX, recruitment, facilities and the health and welfare of UNCW's student athletes.  Vice Chancellor Charles Maimone and Director of University Budgets Robert Russell also addressed the committee with reports on the Department of Athletics budget and fiscal challenges.

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