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University Innovation Council
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Creating a Climate of Innovation

Thank you for your interest in the University Innovation Council! The UIC was conceived to provide leadership to the campus community in cultivating transformative approaches, so that the university is more effective and efficient, in alignment with our standards of educational distinction. In recent months, the UIC solicited innovative ideas through the use of a crowd-sourcing software product, IdeaScale. UNCW was the first university to use this software in this manner. Through this software, the UIC was able to extend its reach to the entire campus community, allow for ongoing segmented discussions, and aggregate common themes in the submissions. Hundreds of ideas were submitted and discussed.

As a first area of focus, the UIC is requesting campus-wide engagement on the following topic: Reconceiving the university calendar to better utilize the 12 months of the calendar year, taking advantage of our coastal location.

The goal is to achieve enhanced educational experiences, increased productivity and efficiency, lower costs, and/or more revenues generated in the following ways:

  • More effectively utilize innovative pedagogical techniques in the classroom
  • Utilize technologies to maximize learning in and out of the classroom
  • Incentivize faculty and students to participate in a model that exists beyond traditional classroom hours
  • Revise course offerings and take advantage of year-round scheduling. Possibilities might include intersessions (J-mester, May-mester) and alternative configurations in summer
  • Identify summer opportunities related to our coastal location that can increase seasonal course capacity
  • Identify course opportunities that reach typically non-traditional students, thus generating a new revenue stream and better utilizing facilities for professional development and non-credit course/certificate offerings

Investigating ways to reconceive the academic calendar will be the primary focus for the UIC over the next few months. We encourage and welcome your ideas around this topic. IdeaScale will remain a primary means of dialogue around potential ideas, although your ideas also can be shared with any member of the UIC. As strategies are developed, campus forums will allow for additional dialogue with the university community. The UIC welcomes ongoing input, specific to this topic as well as others



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