DARE TO SOAR - Installation of Gary L. Miller - 10:30 am Friday, April 20, 2012, Hoggard Lawn



In addition to the historical and symbolic importance of the Installation, the ceremonies and symbols have meaning on a personal level. The institution’s vision, given voice by the chancellor, defines in large and small ways how the daily routines of the institution shall be aligned to realize the important work of the faculty, staff and students. For members of the university community and citizens of the region, an installation is intended to foster collegiality, and connect the talents of the university to the greater Wilmington community. The many events surrounding the installation offer students, faculty and staff a unique opportunity to feature exemplary programs and display the strengths of the university experience. The installation is an opportunity to tell the UNCW story to a wide audience and also to link the story that is yet to be told to the future of our graduates, the region and the state. With more than 40 campus events scheduled in April 2012, the community will have many opportunities to experience a celebration of academic excellence, student achievements and faculty research and innovation. The campus community recognizes that the installation ceremony and the accompanying events are intended to honor not only the university community, but also our many partners who are critical to UNCW’s future. The Installation ceremony is a public renewal of the university’s commitment to honor its longstanding obligations to its students and the greater community.