Spring 2013 Graduates:

International Studies Graduates Spring 2013

Lydia Shippen, Chelsea Roberts, Joseph Chambers, Austin Cloyed, Onicha Cheeranont, Juliet Wiebe-King, Morgan Mencio, Christine Council, Danielle Rode, Anastasia Kuz, Julia Daugherty, Daphne Henning, Chelsea Crawford, and Caitlin Showalter with Drs. Berg, Graber, and Andreescu.

Our First Two Graduates:

In the spring of 2012, International Studies had its first two graduates!

Michael Croal (2012: Globalization)

My study abroad in England and Ireland changed my entire perspective on college. After completing my study abroad and this program, I realize that there is a world outside of the United States. International Studies is a fantastic program; the interdisciplinary course work makes for a well-rounded degree that is truly customizable. I would suggest this program to anyone seeking to gain a more global view. I am currently at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville completing a Master of the Arts in Comparative Politics.



Michael Croal
Jordan Eicher (2012: Middle East)

As a political science major, I thought it would be beneficial to get a different, interdisciplinary perspective, which I found in the International Studies. This major has helped me see the world as a more inclusive and interconnected entity than I previously thought, and by doing so it has made me more understanding of global tribulations and thus more understanding of possible solutions.International Studies is an excellent choice for students of any major because it allows students to understand the global and immeasurable results of our actions throughout our careers and our lives.


Jordan Eicher



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