Ms. Theresa Jackson

Theresa Jackson





International Studies

601 South College Road

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Wilmington, NC 28403-5629

Theresa Jackson holds a master’s degree in History, a master’s degree in Liberal Studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and bachelor’s degree in History from Metropolitan State University of Denver. However, she is still expected to wash dishes when she visits her parents.  She specializes in Global History, the Modern Middle East and Contemporary Global Conflict. Some of her research interests lie in foreign policy, genocide, identity and gender politics, and female circumcision, which makes her a fantastic addition to any dinner party.

Theresa taught Global History at UNCW and among her widely varied vocations has also worked with refugee populations from Africa, the Middle East and former Soviet Union.  Theresa established the first English curriculum for a local school in the Kingdom of Bahrain where she spent a number of years teaching.  Having traveled to over 50 countries, she has an even longer list of nations to visit.  Theresa is a total fanatic for train rides, traversing unfamiliar locales and students who complete all of their work in the proper format.  She deeply admires people with open minds and those who avoid “foot in mouth” syndrome.  Her philosophy can be summed in a very few words, “Life is good when everything goes my way.”

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