International Studies

ΣΙΡ - Sigma Iota Rho: The Honor Society for International Studies

"The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and reward scholarship and service among students and practitioners of international studies, international affairs, and global studies and to foster integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs."

Sir Crest

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Members of ΣΙΡ at UNCW

Current Students

Alumni (graduation date)

Arya Akhlagki Alexandra Lloyd (Fall 2015)
Abigail Auerbach Jennifer Madden (Fall 2015)
Keegan Burgess Maxwell Strotbeck (Fall 2015)
Sydney Burton Zachary Tarrant (Summer 2015)
Megan Conway Erin Gallagher (Spring 2015)
Stacia Dwelle Kiera Googins (Spring 2015)
Samantha Farquahar Adam Laughter (Spring 2015)

Sun H (Secretary)

Emily Manning (Spring 2015)
Julia Hagarty Joseph Martin (Spring 2015)
Haley Haynes Kelly McNeal (Spring 2015)
Ashley Hearn Jessica Nelson (Spring 2015)

Sarah Hicks (President)

Courtney Penezic (Spring 2015)

Eric Isbell

Tobi Polland (Spring 2015)
Angela Joseph Kathryn Potter (Spring 2015)
Rachel Luca Jordan Russo (Spring 2015)
Justine Marguerat (Events Coordinator) Heather Slice (Spring 2015)
Paige Marsicano Kelsey Smith (Spring 2015)
Ben Padleckas Carynne Spalding (Spring 2015)
Lauren Phelps Kevin Terry (Spring 2015)
Haley Phillips (Vice President) Sarah Wilson (Spring 2015)
Kaitlin Rice Nicole Abbondanza (Fall 2014)
Kelly Ring Emily Biehl (Fall 2014)
Sydney Sides Kelly Brown (Fall 2014)
Nicholas Sweet Abbey Starling (Summer 2014)
Krystal Walsh (Treasurer)

Olivia Causby (Spring 2014)

Megan Wolfe Ashleigh Huffman (Spring 2014)
Tiffany Oullette (Spring 2014)

Alumni (graduation date)

Aurelie Krakowsky (Spring 2014)
Romulo Altamirano (Spring 2016) Courtenay Rickards (Spring 2014)
April Drummond (Spring 2016) Taffy Souphab (Spring 2014)
Julianna Gates (Spring 2016) Gongtao Sun (Spring 2014)
Mikayla Kinloch (Spring 2016) Rileigh Wilkins (Spring 2014)
Jordan Milller (Spring 2016) Austin Pippin (Fall 2013)
Jordan Rice (Spring 2016)

Onicha Cheeranont (Spring 2012)

Alena Rodriguez (Spring 2016)

Austin Cloyed (Spring 2012)

Lauren Rogers (Spring 2016)

Chelsea Crawford (Spring 2012)

Jessie Schilens (Spring 2016)

(Shelley) Daphne Henning (Spring 2012)

MacKenzie Slyman (Spring 2016)

Anastasia Kuz-Aponte (Spring 2012)

Raven Spencer (Spring 2016)

Mourghan Mencio (Spring 2012)

James Bailey (Fall 2016)

Lydia Shippen (Spring 2012)

Samantha Black (Fall 2015) Juliet Wiebe-King (Spring 2012)

Honorary Members (induction date)

Dr. Lesley Daspit (Spring 2016)
Dr. Gao Bei (Fall 2015)
Dr. David Graber (Spring 2015)
Dr. Dan Masters (Fall 2014)
Dr. Florentina Andreescu (Spring 2014)
Dr. Herb Berg (Fall 2013)

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