Students are eligible to apply for this program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Degree-seeking student
  • At least sophomore standing at time of participation
  • Good judicial standing
  • 2.50+ GPA at time of application
  • Completion of intermediate college-level French language or equivalent
  • Course and program prerequisites

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"Studying and living abroad with the Paris Consortium Program not only improved my life and knowledge as a student, but it contributed to my life as a professional as well. Learning a language, living in a foreign city, and living outside of my comfort zone each and every day built my confidence tremendously, which then contributed to my growth as a freelance wardrobe stylist and actress in the entertainment industry.

I am constantly referring back to my time in Paris and its impact. The whole year challenged me to discover life in Paris and throughout Europe, develop new relationships (both American and foreign), and gain independence as a young adult. The program is not just an educational experience but a life experience that increases your confidence in yourself and your ability to perform and accomplish anything you set your mind to!"

-Lisa Ensminger


"From the outset of my college career, my interest in studying abroad in France was a driving force behind my chosen path of study. I began college as a pre-med student interested in working with Doctors Without Borders, but quickly realized that my true passion was in language and culture. During the fall of my junior year, I began the search for an exchange program that would allow me to spend time in France, preferably as close to Paris as I could get.

I reviewed programs based in Amiens, Strasbourg, Caen, and Grenoble, but after realizing that my interests did not match any of these programs, one of my Professors at UNCW introduced me to the NC Consortium in Paris. I was immediately drawn to the idea of living in Paris, learning the culture, and studying at one of the oldest Universities in the world.

During my semester in Paris, I gained a perspective that I would not have otherwise acquired. In my home stay, I became very close with my host family and still spend time with them when I travel back to France. The courses, relationships, and experiences I had on this exchange were so important to my life both professionally and personally it is hard to accurately describe them. This exchange has also opened so many new opportunities for me, including the chance to work as a Tour Guide in Western Europe.

These experiences also propelled me into a Law program and I will hopefully be working in France or another Francophone country in the near future.
Currently, I work with a Tour company out of Philadelphia and translate for Political Asylum petitioners from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. All of this was made possible by the education that I received during my semester in France with the North Carolina Consortium."

-Graham Renfro


“I am a student who studied for the academic year in Paris with the UNCW Consortium Program in Paris. I can say that I loved my time in Paris and will try any way to come back to live in the city. The city is full of hidden surprises and personality. There is always something new to do and to discover. I would recommend to future students to go outside of the typical tourist zones and walk around the city in order to really discover what Paris is truly like.  The downside of Paris is that is very expensive city, but if you do explore you can find cheaper alternatives to just about everything.

I do like the host family aspect. It is nice to form new bonds with people who are brave and open enough to welcome you into their home. They give you a first-hand experience in what French culture is like.

I do recommend this program, especially for those who are very willing to put in the time and effort to succeed.”

-Jessica Baker, East Carolina University


“When I began looking into study abroad programs in France, I wasn’t sure what program would be best for me. I knew I wanted a program that would help me to learn the language, expand my knowledge of the culture, and provide support. The UNCW Paris Consortium offered me all of that, and much more. To my surprise, I loved living in Paris. I had never considered myself a “city person”, so I wasn’t sure how I’d adapt to Paris living. Being able to take my classes in the heart of the city, while still living with a host family in the suburbs just outside, allowed me to experience the best of both worlds. Living with a host family also allowed me to maximize my time spent abroad. I was constantly immersed in the language and therefore able to improve my language skills constantly. My host family also provided me with a constant source of support, guidance and joy. They allowed me to feel at home despite being over 3,000 miles away from New York and my family. They were definitely the best part of my time spent abroad, second being my travel experiences. Because I wanted to learn the language, I kept my travels within France. The program offered several great excursions within Paris and to near-by cities such as Rouen and Giverny. We traveled with our professors who guided us through these beautiful cities while still allowing us time to explore independently. They also gave us advice and were always there to help us arrange excursions of our own. Beyond my UNCW classes, this program also allowed me to take classes at the international school at the Sorbonne University. These classes were filled with students from all over the world: England, India, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Czech, etc. They came to Paris from all different walks of life and we were all there to learn the language. I loved being in those classes and I loved the multiculturalism which the Sorbonne and the city of Paris provided. I would recommend this program without hesitation to students seeking to broaden their perspectives."

-Cynthia Elliot, Marist College


“My time in Paris allowed me to experience the city of my dreams over the course of four months. I lived with a wonderful host family, progressed immensely in my language fluency, and learned from wonderful French professors whose passion for their respective subjects goes unmatched. The city of Paris has endless beauties that are yours to experience if you participate in this awesome semester-long program”

-Powell Mansfield, Elon University


“My semester in Paris was more rewarding than I could’ve imagined. I became more independent and self-confident. I have new American friends from different North Carolina schools, international friends from my classes at the Sorbonne, and a new family with French parents and Swedish sisters. I can now speak French at ease and have plans to continue studying French after graduation. I have already returned to Paris over the holidays to visit my family and plan to return again soon. Studying abroad opened my eyes to living and working in France in the future.”

-Emily Vairo, High Point University









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