Students are eligible to apply for this program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Degree-seeking student
  • At least sophomore standing at time of participation
  • Good judicial standing
  • 2.50+ GPA at time of application
  • Completion of intermediate college-level French language or equivalent
  • Course and program prerequisites

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Girl in Paris

NC in Paris Ambassadors

If you're interested in speaking to past participants, e-mail someone below!

Hlot Ksor
Hlot Ksor
Spring 2015

I think other students should study abroad because it opens up countless doors of opportunity. You meet people you never would have if you didn't study abroad, you learn a lot about yourself as well as other cultures, and the excitement of living in another country is overwhelming in a good way. There is never a moment when you are bored because there is always something to be discovered in the city you choose to study abroad in.

Claire Gibbons in France
Claire Gibbons
Elon University
Spring 2015

The North Carolina in Paris program is unique in the way that it immerses you into the French culture. Many of the students in other programs who I meant in Paris were living in apartments or dorms in the city, and they were receiving half of the cultural experience that I received. Between the home stay living, the walking tours of different districts, and learning French from a native French speaker the NC in Paris program ensures the complete cultural immersion.

Jackson Edwards in France
Jackson Edwards
Elon University
Spring 2015

I found that the most enriching part about my study abroad experience was living with my host family. They really made the program so worthwhile, especially since I was only able to speak in French with them, and they were like a real family, acting as a great support system and also helping me understand the language better.

Margaret Dunphy in Paris
Margaret Dunphy
Elon University
Spring 2015

While working in a one-on-one setting, a small group setting, and a large class of international students, students can form close relationships with professors and learn about the culture of France while broadening their international cultural experience, as well. Being in a room with people from all around the world and having a common passion for the French language makes for a fascinating learning experience.

The Eiffel Tower
Sarah Ammons
UNC Chapel Hill
Spring 2015

The NC in Paris program gave me the opportunity to live and study in one of the most beautiful and enriching cities in the world. I made amazing friends through the program and through the adventures we had together. Every moment of my experience was enjoyable, from the classes, which helped to greatly improve my French skills, to the excursions, to my own travels, to the day-to-day life in Paris. I truly felt at home in Paris because of the opportunities and guidance provided by the program director and teachers, and through the friends I made because of the NC in Paris program. I would not change a single thing about my study abroad experience.


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