J-1 Exchange Student Orientation

The International Student Orientation will be held August 14-15. There is no additional fee charged for this orientation, and you do not need to preregister. The International Student Orientation is required. During orientation we will review visa regulations, health and safety concerns, cultural adaptation, expectations about academic life and introduce you to life in Wilmington!

  • August 14, evening (time TBA), fun & games!
    • Where: Location TBA
    • What: Compete in fun relay races and get to know other new international students and the U.S. student volunteers. Light refreshments will be provided.
    • Immediately following refreshments
  • August 15, 8:00 am - 3:30 pm, an action packed day full of crucial survival information!

Complete online activities, earn stamps in your Seahawk Passport!

International exchange student orientation is too short (only 1.5 days) to discuss ALL of the great campus services UNCW has to offer. Therefore, we've provided short activities below to help you learn about UNCW campus life. For every activity you complete, you earn a stamp in your Seahawk Passport (student services passport). You'll receive your Seahawk passport pre-filled with stamps when you attend international exchange student orientation on August 14 & 15.

Passport Stamp Content & Activity
Health Center Stamp

Watch the video, take the quiz, earn a stamp!

Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Stamp

OIDI slidesRead through slides (PDF), take the quiz, earn a stamp!

UNCW Weekends Stamp

UNCWelcome page

Go to the UNCWelcome page by clicking the image above. Open the full listing of UNCWelcome activities (using either the PDF or the Guidebook app).

University Learning Center Stamp

University Learning Center Module

Read through slides (PDF), take the quiz, earn a stamp!

CARE stamp

Watch the video, answer reflection questions, earn a stamp!

Dean of Students stamp

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UNCWorld t-shirt

Instructions for completing the Integrity module

Click the image above for steps to complete the UNCW Academic Integrity module.