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Paying Your UNCW bill

Understanding your bill

Payment methods

Local Banking Options

If you know you would like to open a U.S. bank account after you arrive, here is a comparison of 4 banks within walking distance to UNCW.

Understanding your bill

Charges that are waived

Charges that are waived: If you are an exchange student, you will be granted a UNCW tuition waiver (similar to a voucher payment) for your tuition and tuition related fees. The UNCW tuition waiver will usually be applied to your UNCW Student account by the first UNCW payment deadline (regular student payment deadline, not exchange student deadline).

Charges you must pay

If any of the following UNCW charges are on your student account, you will need to pay the charges in full.

  • On-Campus Housing
  • Meal Plan
  • On-Campus Mailbox ($11/semester)
  • International Student Health Insurance
  • Student ID Card ($20)

Review your student account periodically

Most UNCW Student account charges will be applied to your account by the beginning of the semester. However, it is important that you periodically review your student account to make sure your bill is paid in full.

Methods for paying your bill in-full

Three methods for paying your UNCW bill in-full are listed below.

TravelEx - wire transfer service

TravelEx is the only wire transfer method UNCW accepts for payments to UNCW student accounts. The process is outlined below:

What is TravelEx?

An international wire transfer service that provides lower fees and typically better conversion rates than traditional wire transfers. This is the only method of international wire transfers that UNCW will accept for payments to UNCW student accounts.

How does TravelEx work?

Follow the UNCW Student Accounts instructions for entering your information into TravelEx. Once you enter the amount you wish to pay (in USD), TravelEx will convert the amount to your home country currency. You will receive a print-out from TravelEx that you need to take to your bank. The print out lists all the info for making sure the money is sent to YOUR UNCW account. It is important that you complete the process with your bank within the time limit (72 hrs), since you are only guaranteed the conversion rate for a short period of time.

TravelEx bank routing information

ALL the information your bank needs to complete the transfer will be provided on the TravelEx printout. Your bank CAN complete the transaction with the information provided. You may need to be persistent to get them to process the transaction.

TravelEx fees/charges

Travelex does not add extra wire transfer fees, all fees are included in the currency conversion rate. However, your bank may charge additional transfer fees.

U.S. Electronic Check (paper too)

If you have already have a U.S. checking account, you may pay online using your U.S. checking account through e-bill.

E-bill tutorials provided by UNCW Student Accounts:

U.S. credit or debit card

If you already have a U.S. credit or debit card, you may use your card to pay online. Credit or debit card payments will be subject to a 2.75% convenience charge or a minimum of $3.00.

E-bill tutorials provided by UNCW Student Accounts:

Payment Methods Not Accepted

UNCW cannot accept the following for payments to UNCW Student Accounts:

  • Non-U.S. debit cards
  • Non-U.S. credit cards
  • Non-U.S. checks (even if the currency is U.S. dollars)
  • Traditional international wire transfers (TravelEx is accepted)

TealPay - Dividing bill into monthly payments

For a charge of $50, you may break your UNCW bill into smaller payments that you pay over the entire semester. The UNCW payment plan requires that you have a U.S. checking account, and make your first payment when you sign up.

More information on the TealPay payment plan or sign up through e-bill

If you need to open a U.S. banking account, you will be able to do so after you arrive.

If you would like to use Travelex to make your TealPay payments, contact UNCW Cashier Supervisor Stefanie Pollack.

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